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Allowing Apps to Access Your Computer WINDOWS 8



You can use privacy settings in Windows 8 to allow programs

to access your location or your name and account picture. For

example, you might want a mapping app to have access to

your location so that it can display directions from where you

are to another location. Or, you might want to allow websites

you go to regularly to recognize you and greet you by name

when you visit.


Allowing Apps to Access Your Computer WINDOWS 8


Allow Access to Your Location

1 Press Windows logo key+C.

2 Click the Settings charm.

3 Click Change PC Settings.

4 Click Privacy.

5 Click the On button for the Let Apps

Use My Location setting.


Allowing Apps to Access Your Computer WINDOWS 8


There is some danger associated with allowing access to your location.

If you or your child are concerned that an individual might

want to know where you are at any point in time, you are more at

risk if you carry a laptop or tablet device with you, and you might

consider blocking this access. However, for most people, this feature

simply adds convenience when using certain applications.


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