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Adjusting System Volume WINDOWS 8



One of the computer settings that people commonly like to

change is the system volume. If you’ve ever watched a TV show

on your computer and cringed as the commercials come on

full blast, you know what I mean. Changing system volume is

therefore front and center on the Settings panel


Adjust System Volume

1 Press Windows logo key+I to display


2 Click the Volume button.

3 Drag the slider to raise or lower



Adjusting System Volume WINDOWS 8


You can mute sound on your computer at

any time by clicking at the bottom of the volume

slider. Drag this slider up to unmute the



If you want separate control over system volume

and the volume of system sounds (such as

an alert that an email has arrived), display the

desktop, and then in the taskbar, click the Volume

button. At the bottom of the Volume settings,

click the Mixer button, and then use the

sliders to adjust the volume for different types

of sounds.


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