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Adjusting Screen Resolution WINDOWS 8



Other settings in the Control Panel affect both the Start screen

and desktop. For example, you can apply higher screen resolution

settings to improve the clarity of onscreen images. Higher

resolutions make the overall screen elements smaller, while

lower resolutions make them bigger. Use resolution to adjust

what’s on screen so that things are comfortable for you to view

and read.


Adjusting Screen Resolution WINDOWS 8


Change Screen Resolution

1 Right-click the desktop, and choose


2 Click Display.

3 Click Adjust Resolution.

4 Click the Resolution drop-down

list, and use the slider to choose a


5 Click Apply.

6 Click Keep Changes in the dialog box

that appears.

7 Click OK.

8 Click the Close button.


The higher the resolution numbers, the

crisper the image on your screen. However,

some resolutions can distort the proportions

of your screen so that items appear out of

perspective. Also, not all monitors support

the highest resolutions.


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