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Adjusting Double-Click Speed and Indicator Motion WINDOWS 8



If double-clicking to get some things done presents a challenge

because you have trouble clicking fast enough, you can adjust

the speed at which the mouse responds to a double-click.

Windows can then recognize a double-click even though the

individual clicks occur at a longer interval. You can also modify

how fast the mouse indicator moves across your screen so that

you can follow its path more easily.


Change Double-click Speed and

Motion Setting

1 In the Control Panel (on the Start

screen, type Control Panel and then

click Control Panel), under Devices

And Printers, click the Mouse link.


Adjusting Double-Click Speed and Indicator Motion WINDOWS 8


2 On the Buttons tab, drag the slider in

the Double-Click Speed category to

set the speed at which you want to

double-click your mouse to initiate an


3 Click the Pointer Options tab.

4 Drag the slider in the Motion setting

section to adjust how fast or slow

the pointer moves on your screen in

response to mouse movements.

5 Click OK


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