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Adding Files to a Folder WINDOWS 8



After you have created a folder in SkyDrive,

you can upload files to that folder. It’s

often easier to share larger files by adding

them to SkyDrive rather than attaching

them to emails.



Add Files to SkyDrive

1 Click the Internet Explorer tile.

2 Right-click to display the address bar.

3 Enter https://skydrive.live.com in

the address bar.

4 Press Enter.

5 Click a folder to open it.

6 Click Upload.


Adding Files to a Folder WINDOWS 8


7 Drag the scroll bar to locate the file

you need. (If it’s not displayed, click

the Go Up button to display more

folders on your computer.)

8 Click a file.

9 Click Open.


To delete a file from SkyDrive, locate it in a

folder in the Files list and then right-click it.

Choose Delete, and in the confirming dialog

box that appears, click Yes. You can delete

more than one file in a folder by selecting

several check boxes in the file list and then

right-clicking one of the selected files and

choosing Delete.


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