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Adding Attachments WINDOWS 8



Before you send a message you’ve created, you might want to

add an attachment to it. This is a good way to share the contents

of documents or images with others. The file you want to

attach must be available on your hard disk or on an external

drive such as a USB flash drive.


Add an Attachment to a Message

1 With Mail open, click the New button.

2 Enter an address.

3 Right-click, and then click


4 Click Go Up if you need to view contents

of another folder or library.

5 Click a file.

6 Click Attach.

7 Enter a message.

8 Click Send.


Adding Attachments WINDOWS 8


Email accounts typically have a limit for the

size of attachments that can be sent through

the account. If you have to share very large

files, consider using the Windows 8 feature

that allows you to compress several files into

one file of a smaller size before attaching

(see Section 10, “File Management”) or sharing

your files—for example, when using an

online service such as SkyDrive, discussed in

Section 11, “Sharing Settings and Files


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