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Adding aHotmail Account to the Mail App Windows 8

You can add any number of email accounts from different email services to the Mail app. By default, it is well integrated with the popular Hotmail and Outlook services from Microsoft and Google mail from Google. You can also add business email accounts, which use the Microsoft Exchange email service.

Adding a Hotmail Account to the Mail App Windows 8

The integration with Hotmail is very good, considering that both Windows 8 and Hotmail are created by Microsoft. You can add multiple Hotmail email accounts to the Mail app.

In this exercise, you'll learn how to add a Hotmail account to the Mail app.

SET UP Make sure your Windows 8 device is connected to the Internet. Then, open the Mail app and have your account details at hand: the correct email address and password. If you have already added other email accounts, open the Accounts column, as shown in the previous section.

1 Press Windows+C or swipe from the right side of the screen and select the Settings charm.

2 Click or tap Accounts to open the list of accounts already added to the Mail app.

3 Click or tap Add an account to open the list of types of accounts you can add.

Adding a Hotmail Account to the Mail App Windows 8

4 Click or tap Hotmail to open the Add Your Hotmail Account window.

5 Type the email address and password in the appropriate fields.

Adding a Hotmail Account to the Mail App Windows 8

6 Click or tap Connect. Wait a few seconds for the Mail app to connect to your email account and display the messages in your inbox.

Clean up Close the Mail app.

The email account you specified is now added to the Mail app and can be accessed each time you use the app. You can add other email accounts, including a Google account, by following the same procedure. However, before you do so, it is best to read the next section about adding a Google mail account.

Adding a Google mail Account to the Mail App Windows 8

You add a Google mail email account to the Mail app the same way you add a Hotmail account except that you click or tap Google instead of Hotmail.

Unlike Hotmail users, Google mail users can use a two-step verification process that enhances the security of their email accounts and lowers the chances of unwanted people gaining access to the accounts. If this process is enabled for your Google mail account, you cannot use your standard Google mail password to add your account to the Mail app. First, you need to generate a new application-specific password just for the Mail app and use that instead of your password at step 5 in the preceding exercise.

You can generate application-specific passwords by going to your Google account, choosing Security, and then selecting Authorizing Applications & Sites. Choose an appropriate name for the new application-specific password and then click or tap Generate Password.

Adding a Hotmail Account to the Mail App Windows 8

Google generates a random password that you can type in the Mail app instead of your Google mail password to access the messages in your Google mail inbox.

Adding a Hotmail Account to the Mail App Windows 8


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