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Adding a New Contact WINDOWS 8



The People app helps you manage your contacts. You can enter

information about a person, including name, company, email,

phone, address, job title, significant other, and website. There is

also a Notes field to add information such as birthday, favorite

movie, or whatever you want to remember about that person.

After you add a contact, you can use the People app to send

instant messages, post a message to that person’s Facebook

account, or send email. You can also map the person’s location

by using Bing Maps.


Add a Contact

1 On the Start screen, click the People

app tile.

2 Right-click.


Adding a New Contact WINDOWS 8


3 Click New.

4 Enter contact information in fields,

such as name.

5 Click Save


Adding a New Contact WINDOWS 8


When entering contact information, click the + symbol at the bottom of the Name

field. In the menu that appears, click a choice to enter a Phonetic First Name or Phonetic

Last Name so that you can remember how to pronounce an unusual name.

Click Middle Name or Nickname to enter additional name information. Click Title

or Suffix to add a title such as vice-president or a suffix such as Junior or Senior to a

contact record.


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