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Adding a Device WINDOWS 8


If you have a printer that you want to use with your computer,you first need to establish a connection between the two. Thisinvolves following the Add A Device procedure, which, in mostcases, automatically identifies any attached devices. As youwork your way through the Add A Device process, you mightneed to search for or download a driver for the printer andmake a choice about how you want to share the printer on anetwork.


Add a Device1 Press Windows logo key+I.2 Click Change PC Settings and thenclick Devices.3 Click Add a Device.


Adding a Device WINDOWS 8


4 In the list that appears, click a printer.5 Click Next.6 Enter a different printer name if youprefer.


Adding a Device WINDOWS 8


7 Click Next.8 Select the printer sharing settingyou prefer, and enter any requiredinformation.9 Click Next.10 Click Print a Test Page.11 Click Finish.



If you are installing a printer, you canclick Advanced Printer Setup afterstep 3; then, if the printer you wantto add doesn’t appear in the list ofdevices Windows 8 recognizes, clickThe Printer That I Want Isn’t Listedto manually locate the printer anddriver.


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