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Adding a Calendar Event WINDOWS 8



Using the Calendar app, you can create

events such as appointments, vacation

time, concerts or any other point in time

that you want to keep a record of. You can

enter many details about the event, such

as where and when it will take place, how

long it will run, and whether it’s a recurring



Create an Event

1 On the Start screen, click the Calendar


2 Click a date. (In Week or Day view,

click a time slot.)

3 Enter a title and description of the


4 Enter appropriate information for the

Where, When, Start time, and How

Long settings.

5 Click the Save this Event button.


Adding a Calendar Event WINDOWS 8


If you want an event such as a birthday or

monthly meeting to recur on a regular basis,

such as every week or every year, use the

How Often setting in the event’s Details

page. Just click the field and then click a time

period: day, weekday, week, month, or year.

The event is created for all recurring dates.


You need to enter only the start time and how

long the event will last. The Calendar app automatically

calculates the end time based on that



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