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Accessing skyDrive from a web Browser Windows 8

You can access SkyDrive from a web browser at any time. Go to https://skydrive. live. com and log on with your Microsoft account details. You now have complete access to all your files and folders stored on SkyDrive. If you have logged on with your Microsoft account in Windows 8, and you're using Internet Explorer as your browser, you won't need to log on to the SkyDrive service. You are automatically logged on by Windows.

Accessing skyDrive from a web Browser Windows 8

With the help of your web browser, you can download files from SkyDrive, organize them in folders and subfolders, or add new files. You can also share files and folders with others.

Last, you can view the pictures uploaded to SkyDrive and edit Microsoft Office documents by using the Microsoft Office Web apps. They are simplified versions of Microsoft Office that allow document viewing and basic editing.

Accessing skyDrive from a web Browser Windows 8

Synchronizing Your windows 8 settings

One of the greatest features of SkyDrive is that Windows 8 can use it to synchronize your user account settings across the computers on which your Microsoft account is used. If you make a change on one computer, it will be reflected on other computers the next time you log on.

However, not all Windows 8 settings are synchronized, even though most of them will be. The settings that are synchronized, if you set them to be, are the following.

Your desktop background, desktop colors, the Lock screen, and your user account picture

The active desktop theme, high contrast, and taskbar settings Ease of access settings: the narrator and the magnifier

Your language preferences: keyboard, input methods, and the display language

User settings and purchases for apps that support the synchronization feature

Your mouse and mouse cursor settings and those of File Explorer

The sign-in information for the HomeGroup, network access, some of your apps, and websites (if you are using Internet Explorer 10 as your browser)

Accessing skyDrive from a web Browser Windows 8

Another great aspect of the synchronization feature is that the SkyDrive space used for storing your settings is not counted against your SkyDrive space allocation. That space is reserved for uploading the files you want.

As with other SkyDrive features, you need a Microsoft account to sync your settings. SkyDrive doesn't work on local user accounts.

Also, after you log on to your computer or device by using your Microsoft account, you need to set it as trusted for your passwords to be synchronized. If you haven't done this, you can do so from the Sync Your Settings area found in PC Settings. Just click or tap the Trust This PC link and follow the instructions.

In this exercise, you'll learn how to turn on the synchronization of your Windows 8 settings and select what is being synced.

SET UP Open PC Settings.

1 Click or tap the Sync your settings area to open the synchronization settings.

Accessing skyDrive from a web Browser Windows 8


Change the position of the switch for Sync Settings On This PC from Off to On.

Accessing skyDrive from a web Browser Windows 8

3 In the Settings To Sync area, change the switch for the things you want to sync from Off to On.

CLEAN UP Close PC Settings and then repeat this procedure on all the computers that use the same Microsoft account and on which you want settings to be synchronized.

From now on, each change you make in the Windows 8 settings will be synchronized on all the computers on which sync was set up.

Key Points

Using SkyDrive requires a Microsoft account and an Internet connection.

Use the SkyDrive app to browse the content of your SkyDrive and to upload, download, and view files.

You can upload or download multiple files at once to and from SkyDrive.


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