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About Wachovia Online Banking




Wachovia Online Banking with BillPay offers its account holders a secure, state of the art online banking platform. Most services available at your local Wachovia branch can be accessed online. In addition, Wachovia offers an Online Services Guarantee that protects against unauthorized access to your personal deposit accounts. As long as you notify Wachovia within sixty days of a statement with unauthorized activity, you are covered for any losses you incur.

  • Function
    • Wachovia Online Banking allows you to view the activity in your accounts for the past ninety days. You can see what checks you've written, check on a recent deposit or withdrawal or view your loan balances. You can also see you credit card charges and monitor your money market investment account. In addition, you're able to transfer funds from one Wachovia account to another or from your Wachovia account to different bank. Enroll in Online Banking directly from Wachovia's website or call (800) 950-2296.


    • Wachovia's free Online BillPay feature allows you to pay just about anyone without having to write a check. Just set up a payment schedule for regular bills and add one-time payment authorizations for occasional bills. Your bills will be paid electronically with funds from your chosen account. You can even have payment reminders sent to you via email.


    • Your monthly checking, savings and money market account statements can be viewed online for up to 16 months. Older statements can be ordered by calling Wachovia. Even your mortgage statements are available online with Wachovia's Online Banking. You can also have balance alerts sent to you via email or to your mobile device.


    • If you have an Online Brokerage account set up with Wachovia Securities, you can view your account balances online as well as buy and sell securities, monitor real time stock prices and research investment opportunities. To open a Brokerage account, call (800) 326-4434. Once your account is set up, it will be automatically enrolled in Online Brokerage.


    • Wachovia's Online Banking may be accessed from your mobile device where you can accomplish many of the same tasks you would through a computer. Enroll in Wachovia Mobile and download its mobile banking software to get started. Log onto your Wachovia Online Banking account and navigate to Customer Service. From there, click on Mobile Banking where you will find instructions. You may choose which accounts you want to access on your mobile device.




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