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About Siri iPhone 5



You can start talking to Siri just by bringing iPhone to your ear, like making a phone call. Ifthe screen isn’t on, first press the Sleep/Wake or Home button. You’ll hear two quick beeps toindicate Siri is listening. Then start talking.Turn on Raise to Speak: Go to Settings > General > Siri.If Siri doesn’t respond when you bring iPhone to your ear, start with the screen facing you, soyour hand rotates on the way up.


talking to Siri iPhone 5


Handsfree SiriYou can use Siri with the headset that came with iPhone, and with other compatible wired orBluetooth headsets.Talk to Siri using a headset: Press and hold the center button (or the call button on aBluetooth headset).To continue a conversation with Siri, press and hold the button each time you want to talk.When you use a headset, Siri speaks its responses to you. Siri reads back text messages and emailmessages that you’ve dictated before sending them. This gives you a chance to change themessage if you want. Siri also reads back the subjects of reminders before creating them.Location ServicesBecause Siri knows locations (iPhone 4S or later) like “current,” “home,” and “work,” it can remindyou to do a certain task when you leave a location or arrive at a location. Tell Siri “Remind me tocall my daughter when I leave the office,” and Siri does just that.Location information isn’t tracked or stored outside iPhone. You can still use Siri if you turnLocation Services off, but Siri won’t do anything that requires location information.Turn off Location Services for Siri: Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.AccessibilitySiri is accessible to blind and visually impaired users through VoiceOver, the screen reader builtinto iOS. VoiceOver describes aloud what’s onscreen—including any text in Siri’s responses—soyou can use iPhone without seeing it.Turn on VoiceOver: Go to Settings > General > Accessibility.Turning on VoiceOver causes even your notifications to be read aloud for you.





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