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Technology Overview Viera Connect: watch web content via TV

2014-12-07 00:00:00

idea to use your TV to access online content or, conversely, the Internet -to deliver content to the TV is now becoming more and more popular. And you do not even need to use any additional consoles -Internet function is already in the TV! This concept is called Smart TV, and their versions of the software platform for the management of "smart TV" have presented a variety of manufacturers -including Google Google TV based on Android, Intel MeeGo operating system version for Smart TV and other giants.
One of the pioneers in this field -Panasonic. Two and a half years ago, we told you about the technology Viera Cast, just is a simple platform to work with selected Internet sites integrated into Panasonic televisions series V and Z. In 2011, the platform has been updated. Now it is called Viera Connect, but the main difference is the ability to develop and install third-party applications. But -do not get ahead of ourselves and start to get acquainted Viera Connect in general.

So, Viera Connect -this development ideas Viera Cast. Connect button on the button called Internet or through Viera Tools.

main menu viera connect

Viera Connect interface as simple and intuitive as Viera Cast: in the center, we see a large window, which is displayed in the dynamics of what is on TV. This is to ensure that, for example, if we watch a movie on TV, and began commercial break, we could switch to Viera Connect, it does not miss the moment when the movie resumes. Around a central screen placed seven application tiles. Bottom center -smaller tiles Viera Connect Market, and place it on hold button "back" and "more" moving screens Viera Connect.

main menu viera connect Among

Internet applications are available by default: CineTrailer, Eurosport, Daily Motion, Skype, Euronews true, on a test this TV channel did not work for some reason, perhaps, that Russia will not be available, YouTube, Facebook, Picasa, Bloomberg, Chess Challenge, Ustream, Shoutcast. Radio Directory, Local Weather. As you can see, the list is much more impressive than what we saw in Viera Cast. But the amount of installed applications have expanded by installing additional applications from the Viera Connect Market.

viera market

Market is equally intuitive interface, as well as the main menu Viera Connect: top left is miniayutra TV screen showing dynamic content under it -the categories in which graded program. Top -the same category but in the form of large dice. In the center -the applications themselves horizontal tile 12 on a single screen. Applications are free, and installation -elementary. Here are just applications so far not so much. In the category "Video" is available 7 applications, "Music" -one application, "Sports" -4 "Games" -14, "Social Network" -4 "news and lifestyle" -13, "Health and Fitness" -1. And it including the above applications which are by default.

application ustream for viera connect

In terms of the number of applications is, in our view, a big step forward compared to the Viera Cast, but further development of the service will depend primarily on the activity of third-party developers and of course, the activity of Panasonic, which will encourage developers to create applications for Viera Connect. However, the manufacturer promises himself to develop new applications. In particular, in the near future we plan to add Russian Internet services and make the client for Russian social networks VKontakte. In the meantime, available Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, and provides video calling Skype.

twitter app for viera connect

Note that for easier typing in these applications, you can connect a keyboard that does not require drivers. Or -to use as a remote device running iOS. Panasonic developed a very curious application Viera Remote, allows you to turn your iPhone/iPod touch or iPad into a remote control.

viera application for iphone/ipod touch viera application for iphone/ipod touch

Needless to say, the possibility of Apple-devices in this capacity is much higher than that of conventional remote control take the set on the keyboard. Another thing I do not quite understand the meaning of using Twitter, say, a TV if post tweets through the iPhone is still much more convenient.

However, most likely you will not use social networks, and games and applications for viewing online video. Among the vast majority of games -casual projects, but connecting the gamepad, it is possible to turn the TV and some semblance of a game console although, of course, is the same as that used Microsoft Word on your smartphone -it is possible, but very uncomfortable. But to go through the TV on YouTube -perhaps more convenient than a PC. However, a problem with the playback of high-resolution video web seems has not been solved: on YouTube, we have not managed to watch HD-videos. More precisely, these videos were found, but the quality of their images on the TV screen do not meet the standards of high resolution. Probably, the reason may be that the TV automatically reduces the resolution, if the width of the Internet channel it seems insufficient, but, anyway, expect that you will see HD-YouTube videos in outstanding quality on the big screen -not worth it.

youtube app for viera connect

way concerns unneeded applications for example, the same Twitter, then you can remove them completely. This is done via the settings menu. You can also change the location of the application on the desktop.


Overall Viera Connect seems very successful modification of Viera Cast. Much more available applications some of which are set, while others can be downloaded from the Market, the ability to control via iPhone/iPod touch/iPad, desktop settings ... But the main thing -it is another step towards a full merger between TV and PC. Mobile phones have long since become mobile computers, now the same trend is observed in the field of home appliances: TVs now get the operating system, programs developed for them, and to turn the TV into a media center does not necessarily have to purchase any additional equipment. Technology Viera Connect -convincing proof.

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