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Review Samsung UE55D8000

2014-04-06 00:00:00



Today we will try to get into the skin or silk shirt and deliciously expensive jeans average buyer telly more 5000 dollars. Well contender for the purchase we will straight from the tin Representative 8000 Series LED-TV Samsung.

classing UE55D8000 representatives transcendental elites would not be quite right. At the same Samsung has nine thousandth pretentious series, which includes a couple more sets of status. However, the trick is that they both like and larger 65-inch sibling test belong to last year`s generation, which can easily be identified by the letter "C" in the marking.

So if not social status, then certainly for our hero progressivity currently leads unambiguously.

External inspection

Decorated tastefully unit. Let`s start with the fact that sitting in front of TV, you will not see an inch of black plastic. Narrow steel frame with deliberately rough grinding makes 55-inch panel in a very stylish piece of furniture, which, paradoxically, literally dissolves into space, costs only arise picture on the screen.

 samsung ue55d8000

When diagonal 140 cm panel thickness of only 23 mm. In other words, the TV set flat as a flounder


panel in an almost imperceptible frame looks just fine, but keep in mind the frameless design feature: if the wall behind the TV is framed too brightly, it can enter into competition with the image for the audience`s attention.

 samsung ue55d8000

Chrome quadrupedal stand also adds originality, especially if it finds "metal support" in the interior

Places inside the body a little, but switching to a height of four connector HDMI v.1.4 with support for audio return channel, optical audio output port and three USB -for flash drives, Skype-camera and WiFi-adapter. OT SCART connectors look meaningless -analog switching is mostly available via adapters.

To save

23-mm waist, engineers went even further: TV with satellite tuner, but CI-reader cards required for access to pay channels, not embedded in the body, but by necessity be mounted on the rear panel.


In nature pictures are easy to read family traits peculiar to most LED-panels Samsung. At sufficiently high precision display of pure tones and color transitions color image can be called optimistic -we are, of course, to the factory settings.


the new eight-and its peculiarities. His picture is interesting, first of all, phenomenal for LCD panels transfer movement. Response rate and refresh rate for your Samsung TV set no longer indicates limited brand Rankings Clear Motion Rate. So, for this indicator UE55D8000 received a record value -it is adequate personnel sweep 800 Hz.

dynamic scenes look just perfectly, no "toffees" is not in sight, detail allows us to consider even the small details on the screen quickly passing cars. Pleased and flexibility Motion Plus, which, apart from the choice of smoothing level, allows you to manually adjust the degree of jitter and blur images.

Test table demonstrated clarity in the area of 960 TV lines, which in frames with a quick flick of all lines is reduced by 30-40. In addition, the table tests confirmed good black depth and uniformity of color temperature over the entire range of brightness. Here, however, it is necessary to remark: at too high brightness light colors are warming slightly.

Another subtlety associated with the installation of "clarity": it is adjusted in the range 0-100, but even the value "20" for a good signal HD-redundant -appear unnatural emphasis on the minute details of the image. In short, be careful with the settings.

third dimension


TV comes with one pair of 3D-glasses SSG-3100 -this is the easiest stereoscopic optics Samsung, it is powered by batteries disk, which is enough for about 70 hours of viewing. Starting this season, all three-dimensional telly Samsung glasses do not run in the infrared range, and on the radio -via Bluetooth. Accordingly, the opaque objects and sources of interference like IR remotes sync LCD shutters no longer tear.

SSG-3100 is quite comfortable and versatile, but in comparison with the more sophisticated models SSG-3300 and SSG-3700, they appear to be unnecessarily bulky and weighty.

High speed matrix affected the showiness of three-dimensional images: the picture became more together, a sense of "loss of volume" is extremely rare and only in case of very rapid multidirectional movement on the screen.

By the way, the same can be said of Cross Talk -the appearance of ghostly doubles in volume objects. When you activate the 3D brightness and color are adjusted automatically so that the viewer picture remains the same -except for the appearance of the third dimension, of course. Incidentally, if necessary, it is possible to configure the depth of 3D-effect and display prospects.

2D-3D Converter also in place and does its job well, "homemade" 3D looks quite natural, the picture lacks strict separation of the front and "heel." The only thing that might confuse automatic -defocused foreground on a clear background.


UE55D8000 is fully consistent with the concept of Smart TV. TV can be mounted on a variety of widgets, which number on the Samsung Apps online resource is already over fifty. They allow access to any content, starting with social networks and exchange quotations and ending with virtual casinos and multimedia portals like YouTube and Picasa. Of the most recent innovations -movies on demand from Yota Play, game and a wedding collection of screensavers that can, for example, turn the TV screen in the fireplace that 2D-3D converter can do very similar to the present.

addition widgets, accessible and direct navigation web resources, augmented service Search All -with the same success he finds information and multimedia content not only the World Wide Web, but also on digital devices available on the local network.

 samsung ue55d8000

Suffer headache about wiring or buying Wi-Fi-dongle to connect to the Internet do not have to -the TV built-in wireless adapter


place under the sun, or rather the windows Eight new salons have to share with two serious contenders: three-dimensional 55-dyuymovkami LG 55LW575S and Sony KDL-55HX920, and modelka from LG about a quarter less than their "classmates". However, the choice between Samsung and LG will have to do without looking at the price tags -the telly fundamentally different system displaying images in 3D, and before buying should necessarily feel the difference with my own eyes. For comparative analysis of active and passive 3D-technologies curious shipped writings.

But Sony KDL-55HX920 competes with our subjects, not only in technology but also in the design plane: in addition to decent picture parameters it is interesting for nothing similar design style Monolith. So in both cases, the choice should be purely individual -look sharp!

 lg 55lw575s and sony kdl-55hx920

LG 55LW575S and Sony KDL-55HX920


55-inch member of the new already, by the way, the fourth in a row eight thousandth generation LED-series Samsung clearly has something to entice potential buyers.

First, a non-trivial design. Frankly, the black polish is simply tired of all the crap out, so that fresh decorating ideas now more than ever. They are especially relevant for a top art designers which is not limited to a few paltry dollars allocated for external devices decorations budget level.

second point -advanced online capabilities, allowing the TV to relieve the owner from the need to run at the slightest provocation to the computer or watch a movie on the lap.

Finally, thanks to the outstanding concepts for LCD panels transfer motion and depth of black, based on the UE55D8000 is not a problem to build a three-dimensional home theater is quite high class.

can certainly find fault with the design of 3D-glasses, which does not correspond to the futuristic style of the panel, or grumble that with this, frankly, a rather big price, the kit could be included and two pairs of optics, but these shortcomings clearly tested by the class of small quibbles. By and large the same reckoning TV hundred percent corresponds to its high position in the catalog, and its appearance and the screen certainly no less impressive than the price.

Author: Alexey Egorov

Samsung UE55D8000:

Manufacturer Model Diagonal Dynamic Contrast Response Time backlight Support 3D Dimensions/weight Price, USD.
Resolution 1920x1080 Full HD
No data
No data
LED, edge
Yes, active shutter glasses with LCD shutter
Sound 2 x 15 Watt, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Pulse, SRS TheaterSound HD
1232,6 x 707 2 x 29.7 mm/18.6 kg
Features Made in Russia

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