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Plasma TV Samsung PS51D490 and PS51D550 - Review of new models

2014-11-10 00:00:00

spring 2011, Samsung has introduced two new models of plasma TV that supports 3D -Samsung PS51D490 and PS51D550. Besides being able to view the content surround, new TVs have increased by 1 inch, compared with their predecessors, the diagonal.

It should be noted that an increase in diagonal screen size by 1 inch, slightly decreased and size TVs. Consequently, the new models we have not just a larger screen, but also a little smaller frame. Incidentally, the size of the new models of television sets to receive a little less than the previous.







Screen Type



51 inches or 129.6 centimeters




Frequency, Hz





    Antenna input RF in 3 x HDMI v 1.4 DVI only via HDMI-1 D-SUB Component Composite SCART S/PDIF input jack 3.5mm headphone jack 1 x USB connector CAM-module
    Antenna input RF in 4 x HDMI v 1.4 DVI only via HDMI-1 D-SUB Component Composite SCART S/PDIF input jack 3.5mm headphone jack 2 x USB Connector CAM module Ethernet





2 speakers 10 W + 10

Social networks, Internet services




Dimensions with stand WxHxD

1187,8 x 782,9 x 251,8

1196,8 x 787,4 x 305

Weight with stand kg



maximum power consumption, W



Approximate price Dollars

37 500

42 200

As the table shows, the differences between the TV a little bit. In younger model than the screen resolution, no one USB-connector, Ethernet port and support for DLNA. But it costs almost 5 000 cheaper.

Package, exterior, remote and glasses

The box comes with television minimum set of accessories. This stand, power cable, user manual, remote control and batteries for it. 3D-glasses in the bundle -now these glasses will be supplied only with designer TV models. This step will reduce the final cost of the TV and save those who for whatever reason do not want to watch the video volume.

If you look at Samsung PS51D490 and Samsung PS51D550 front, we can see the only difference between them. If D490 frame anthracite-black, then D550 it is transparent at the edges. Frame was similar in 65-inch LCD TV Samsung UE65C8000.

Frames as stand watching television -glossy, with all the attendant problems. On glossy surfaces very well collect fingerprints, which have long and carefully wipe. But, on the other hand, if your TV has already been installed in its place, it can hardly be necessary once again to touch the frame or stand.

samsung ps51d490, view speredi
Samsung PS51D490, front view

samsung ps51d550, front view
Samsung PS51D550, front view

keys in our experimental sensory and located on the front panel in the lower left corner. Set of buttons at the same two models: "Power", "Menu", source selecting button and key switch channels and adjust volume.

buttons at the TV and samsung ps51d490 samsung ps51d550
Control buttons at TVs and Samsung PS51D490 Samsung PS51D550

On the right side at the TV there is nothing interesting except stickers with the model name and serial number. And here on the left side is the first part of the connectors used. In younger, 490th model here except the usual CAM-module can be found just 2 connectors -this USB and HDMI-3. In older models, apart from the traditional port for CAM-module ports are located on the left HDMI-3, HDMI-4 and two-port USB. In Samsung decided to meet fans to watch movies from an external hard drive and made in the model PS51D550 USB-port with increased maximum amperage. As is well known, especially some "greedy" external hard disk little 500 mA which is capable of issuing port USB 2.0. If used to power these drives had to use a special cable that held the two USB-connector, now about this issue can safely forget.

left panel samsung ps51d490
Left panel Samsung PS51D490

left panel samsung ps51d550
Left panel Samsung PS51D550

rear, as the front, the differences between the models are not very many. Needless to say, even the air vents are located at the same TV. But the older model, as it should, more connectors.

back panel samsung ps51d490
Rear Panel Samsung PS51D490

back panel samsung ps51d550
Rear Panel Samsung PS51D550


Samsung PS51D490 behind except the power connector, you can find the second part of the communication ports and connectors. This two-port HDMI the first of which supports connection to a computer via an adapter DVI, computer video input D-SUB, 3,5-mm audio minijack. , Below them is a combined component and simultaneously composite jack, headphone jack, SCART, optical audio S/PDIF coaxial connector and antenna RF in. Combined "composite-component" plug in Samsung TVs made in the same way as in the Sony BRAVIA KDL-40NX710. Instead of the usual six "tulip" is used five jacks -composite video input connector socket was merged with "Y" component.

connectors on the rear panel samsung ps51d490
Connectors on the rear panel of Samsung PS51D490

In older models, PS51D550, besides all of the above, there is a network RJ-45 port. Location ports in both the TV does not raise any problems, the optimal distance between the connectors.

connectors on the rear panel samsung ps51d550
Connectors on the rear panel of Samsung PS51D550

To control your TV uses a slightly modified control Samsung TM950. Refinement is only available on the remote control buttons 3D, which was not there before. Conveniently, the buttons change channels and adjust the volume, located next to the numeric keypad and mouse "Power".

Remote Control samsung tm950
Remote control Samsung TM950

Along with the new Samsung TVs to launch a new sale shutter glasses SSG-3700. At this time the glasses are synchronized with the TV using Bluetooth, not IR channel, as it was before. Synchronization occurs automatically when you switch the TV mode 3D. But, just in case, on the right earpiece there is a button synchronization. They feed from the built-in, rechargeable via the Micro-USB battery, one charge will last for about 40 hours of viewing, well, for a full charge points requires approximately 2:00.

glasses samsung ssg-3700
Glasses Samsung SSG-3700

new glasses Samsung managed to get rid of two vexing problems inherent in almost all the "three-dimensional" points, namely obesity and large glasses. Judge: SSG-3700 glasses weigh only 28 grams and due to their design they are almost imperceptible on the head. Furthermore, they can be used together with conventional, diopter glasses.

glasses samsung ssg-3700, Rear View
Glasses Samsung SSG-3700, rear view

micro-usb connector on the right earpiece samsung ssg-3700
Micro-USB connector on the right earpiece Samsung SSG-3700

Of course, if you do not want to overpay for expensive designer sunglasses, you can buy glasses SSG-3300, which differ from the points we have considered only the SSG-3700 appearance.

main difference glasses ssg-3700 and ssg-3300 -Design
The main difference glasses SSG-3700 and SSG-3300 -Design

There is a third model of glasses, it`s SSG-3100. From glasses SSG-3700 and SSG-3300, they differ only her appearance, but also the power source. In the SSG-3100 is not used, rechargeable built-in battery and battery.

glasses ssg-3100 running on battery
Glasses SSG-3100 running on battery

Viewing video content and surround, menus and options

Like previous models of TVs, Samsung PS51D490 and Samsung PS51D550 able to play video from external media. Supported codecs are MPEG-4: H.264 AVC BP/MP/HP, Divx 3.11/4.X/5.1/6.0 and XviD. In addition to MPEG-4, supported formats MPEG-2, MPEG-1, Motion JPEG, Windows Media Video 9 and even Microsoft VC-1, which is used in the HD DVD or Blu-Ray discs.

Video from an external hard drive is played without problems even on the TV Samsung PS51D490, which does not have USB-connector with a larger maximum current. All test videos as usual "flat" and "volume", were in MKV-format. Since playing the first 2D-video, 720p and video bit rate 5700 kbps, no problems for the two heroes of our review did not arise. But the second video in FullHD resolution and bit rate of the video stream to 11,000 Mbps, were unable to reproduce. Both the TV displays a message that the video in an unsupported format and can not be opened. Most likely, the problem was not in our video, and the "raw" version of the firmware TV, because we only tested pre-production samples.

Test 3D-videos in FullHD-resolution played without problems. The rate amounted video clips 33 000 Mbps -three times more than that of the second "flat" roller test, that could not be reproduced. Three-dimensional image processing and conversion "2D to 3D" is engaged in video processor 3D HyperReal Engine. Exactly the same processor set top TV Samsung, so conversion flat "pictures" in "bulk" passed without any problems. Of course, miracles from converting normal image in stereoscopic not worth waiting for -a video or photo that is taken with the help of "bulk" of the photo -or video cameras will look better converted analog.

menu in Samsung PS51D490 Samsung PS51D550 and remained as simple and logical as in the Samsung UE65C8000. All elements are in place, there is no confusion when using the OSD will not arise.

"Image" -the first menu item in the Samsung PS51D490 and Samsung PS51D550

sound setting in samsung ps51d490 and samsung ps51d550
Sound settings in Samsung PS51D490 and Samsung PS51D550

Nicely done

menu to view content and choose the connection type. In this menu you can select the input source, sort content by type photo, video or music or look at the list of available channels. Remained in place and function "Anynet +", which allows you to control with a single remote control devices not only Samsung, but other prgoizvoditeley.

Screen "Content" in Samsung PS51D490 and Samsung PS51D550

source selection
Selecting a source

sort of content type
Sorting content type

Another nice innovation -new TVs will be e-instruction, it is called E-Manual. Instructions made as simple and clear as the TV menu.

instruction for samsung ps51d490 and samsung ps51d550, section
Instruction for Samsung PS51D490 and Samsung PS51D550, section "Channel"

The "Basic Operation"


"Advanced operation"

picture and sound quality, testing

Both models use dynamic contrast, but the exact value of its manufacturer does not disclose. The same applies to the response time of the matrices. However, no smooth contrast changes ie smooth rise or decrease the brightness or loops in dynamic scenes was not seen. Image quality of these TVs is also at altitude: the picture is bright, juicy and pleasant. True, it may seem that the colors are too saturated or even cartoon, but it`s a matter of taste. Frequency sweep both TV and the same is 600 Hz. This is sufficient not only for clear drawing of dynamic scenes, but for surround content.


our review went through five tests to determine the quality of the image. This is a test panel screen test for uniformity of luminosity of the screen tests for determining gamma, color temperature and display a black screen with different brightness.

first test showed that both TV palette color palette beyond the boundary of the triangle RGB -this triangle is drawn in green. If blue and red colors palette error tiny, almost invisible, then green it up.

testing palette samsung ps51d490
Testing palette Samsung PS51D490

testing palette samsung ps51d550
Testing palette Samsung PS51D550

second test -the uniformity of illumination of the screen. In younger model error was 6% in the positive direction and up to 8% in the negative. In older models with the screen lighting situation is better: the uniformity of illumination ranges from -1% to +8.

test illumination uniformity screen samsung ps51d490
Testing the screen brightness uniformity Samsung PS51D490

[dsc_samsung-2-2.jpg] testing illumination uniformity screen samsung ps51d550
Testing the screen brightness uniformity Samsung PS51D550

test score range and Samsung PS51D490 Samsung PS51D550 passed perfectly. If the first model of gamma equal to 2.2 points at any level of brightness, then the elder with increasing screen brightness level range increased from 1.8 to 2.2 points.

testing range samsung ps51d490
Testing gamma Samsung PS51D490

testing range samsung ps51d550
Testing gamma Samsung PS51D550

CCT both TVs decreases with increasing brightness level, but to a level of 6500 Kelvin never comes. If the younger models we measured the minimum temperature was 9000 degrees, the older she sank a little lower to 8600 degrees.

color temperature testing samsung ps51d490
Testing the color temperature Samsung PS51D490

color temperature testing samsung ps51d550
Testing the color temperature Samsung PS51D550

Last test

dedicated display black. At Samsung PS51D490 black color starts to move in gray with an increase in the brightness of more than 50 pips. At Samsung PS51D550 case with black color are a little better. Here the transition to gray began at a luminance level of 60 points.

Testing a black display on samsung ps51d490
Testing black display on Samsung PS51D490

Testing a black display on samsung ps51d550
Testing black display on Samsung PS51D550

In all, 5 TVs passed tests on four strong -was the worst result in the test for color temperature. But do not forget that, first, subjected to testing pre-production samples, and secondly, the quality of the matrix TV can reasonably vary depending on the week or month of release.

sound quality of Samsung PS51D490 Samsung PS51D550 and was on a solid intermediate level. Two 10-watt speakers would be enough for viewing on a conventional TV. Of course, for comfortable viewing of films is best to purchase an additional audio system.


Samsung PS51D490 and Samsung PS51D550 -basic models of plasma TVs Samsung, supporting playback of 3D-content. They are not enough stars in the sky, they do not have "chips" Samsung SmartHub, which is nothing else as an enhanced feature Samsung Internet @ TV. But these TVs very well perform their basic function -to show a good, beautiful and clear "picture". Yes, and these models are not as expensive when compared with other 3D-TVs with similar diagonal.

Source: www. ferra. ru

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