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The new Nissan Leaf

2017-08-10 20:00:38

Currently, Nissan engineers are working to create a new model of electric car Leaf, which will allow the company to compete more successfully with other automakers. The presentation of Nissan Leaf is scheduled for September, and this model has already been shown in photos. And now we managed to find out the price level of the novelty. According to informed sources, the price of the base version of the Nissan Leaf S of the 2018 model line starts at $ 29,995. The maximum configuration of Leaf SL is estimated at $ 36,200. Thus, the starting price of the Nissan Leaf of the new generation will be $ 5,000 less than the cost of the most affordable version of the Tesla Model 3. Compared to the Chevrolet Bolt, the price of the Nissan Leaf will be less by $ 7,000. But, saving on the cost of buying an electric car, its owners have to put up with a smaller power reserve. Nissan Leaf model line in 2018 will receive a battery capacity of 40 kWh. This is noticeably larger than the current generation model (30 kWh), but is inferior to the performance of competitors. For comparison, the Chevrolet Bolt battery has a capacity of 60 kWh, and the Tesla Model 3 can be equipped with batteries with a capacity of 50 or 75 kWh. According to preliminary data, the stock of the new Nissan Leaf will be 241-257 km from 383 km from Chevrolet Bolt (according to the US EPA test cycle) and about 350 km from Tesla Model 3. It is possible that in the future the new electric car Nissan will receive a more capacious battery. Another improvement of the new generation Nissan Leaf is the use of a more powerful electric motor. Instead of the 107 hp unit. In the current model, the novelty will be offered by a 147 hp engine. But, again, this is less than what competitors are offering. Chevrolet Bolt is equipped with a 200 hp engine. It is also reported that the new Leaf will receive a system of partially autonomous control of Nissan ProPilot. But there is no information yet, whether it will be available in the base version.

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