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Overview smartphone Lenovo Vibe X2

2014-12-06 12:00:00

Lenovo has started its journey in the smartphone market with the release of models in which the stake on availability. To date, already becoming a significant player, Lenovo began to explore new opportunities to expand their share, gradually adding in the portfolio of smartphones more expensive models. It got us to review Lenovo Vibe X2, in which the company tried to highlight not so much due to the characteristics, but with the help of an unusual design. Let's see if it will work to create a smartphone from Lenovo, which may be of interest not only in price and performance, but also appearance.

Options The smartphone comes in a box, made in several colors, and even she tells us that we are not waiting in a very simple phone. In order to open the box there is a special loop, pulling that opens access to the upper compartment.

It features the device itself, paper documentation, clip to open the slot for the SIM-card, a bumper made of transparent plastic and screen protector. The lower compartment is a vacuum headset, microUSB cable and a power supply of 1.5 A. As you can see more than a good set.

Case Dimensions smartphone can not be called small, because it has a 5 inch screen. Dimensions of the device are 140,2h68,6h7,27 mm and weighs only 120 grams.

The main feature of the smartphone - a multi-layer body. But with it and begin. When you look at the sidewall in any color Vibe X2 perfectly noticeable gradient consisting of three colors (not counting the dark frame of the display). That's what makes the unusual appearance of the device. It is worth noting that this is indeed the individual layers, and not painted one piece plastic insert.

We were on the review came a golden color options, but it is worth remembering that there are two - red and white.

For the rest, all the usual - face covered with protective glass. At the top is the earpiece, proximity and light, the lens on the front camera and 5 megapixel LED missed events. Below - hardware touch keys with backlight.

On the right side wall - button and volume control, and on the left - the SIM-card format microSIM. At the top is a 3.5mm audio jack, and at the bottom - the microphone jack and microUSB.

On the back of the main camera lens is located on the 13 MP camera with flash, additional microphone, the manufacturer's logo, multimedia speaker and contacts for accessories.

Among the available accessories removable battery, which doubles the capacity, and adds to the total thickness of 5.1 mm and a two-channel speaker Hi-Fi JBL, which in turn increases the thickness of 8.3 mm and is connected to the smartphone by Bluetooth.

If we talk about the quality of workmanship, in this regard, the smartphone is very good shows itself, not least because of the disposable housing. The only thing that did not like is that the mechanical key play. Came to us after a few smart colleagues in the shop and it's very noticeable.

Screen, despite the use of protective glass, already covered with small scratches, and the back side also does not look like the one on the new device, because for those who like to maintain the appearance of the device should use a complete film to protect the screen and transparent case. Location is very convenient mechanical keys. Everything is right where you expect to find. Usability affect pretty sharp corners, but it's all a matter of habit. After a few days of discomfort did not notice.

Operating system and shell

The smartphone runs on Android 4.4 paired with a proprietary shell Lenovo Launcher v6. Appearance shell is already familiar to us from previous devices of the company, visit us on the test. Suffice it to say that the device works very quickly, and the shell has a lot of settings and exciting features that can satisfy any user.

Hardware Platform

Lenovo Vibe X2 running 8-core MediaTek MT6595m, which consists of four core ARM Cortex-A17 clocked at 2.0 GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 with a frequency of 1.5 GHz. The result is a typical solution, made by technology ARM big.LITTLE. It should be noted that the index "m" at the end of the name of the processor indicates that we face the weakest processor configuration MT6595, which is different frequencies too low. In the role of the video adapter supports PowerVR 6200 clocked at 450 MHz. The amount of RAM is 2GB, of which during normal use about 1.1 GB available. 32 GB of internal memory, but the user is about 26 GB and all of it is available for installing applications.

Competitor this processor supports Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 (8974AC). I agree that the credibility of the processors Qualcomm's much more, but the benchmark results and a real impression on the device with a processor MediaTek MT6595 say that there is no reason to distrust.

Device performance is more than enough for smooth interface and run demanding games. For example, the familiar game Real Racing 3 running at maximum settings without sagging fps. The rest of the game too easy to start, but it is worth considering that long-term use of a smartphone under high loads his body heats up.

Wi-Fi and GPS work without problems. Data transfer takes place as quickly as possible, and the rate of satellite is no longer in question. The quality of voice dynamics is not the best. At maximum volume the sound is sharp and high-pitched. But the sound quality multimedia speakers is quite good, but all the spoils its location on the back side. If you put your smartphone on the table, the speaker is completely overlapped, which strongly suppresses the sound, resulting in a call is easy to miss. Quality good vibrations, but rely on it not worth it. Fans listen to music on headphones appreciate the true sound, because it is really good.

Support for video codecs built-in player we could not verify using AnTuTu Video Tester, so take advantage of the old method. As a result, we can conclude that the phone easily handles all popular video codecs.


Built-in battery capacity is only 2300 mAh. Despite this, with moderate use, it can last a day- enabled data transmission and automatic brightness. If still limited set of basic features, you can count on two days of battery life with 4 hours of active screen and a full-time data transmission. If this is not enough, then there is "Emergency Mode", which is available only calls and SMS-messages. Naturally, using the smartphone to the max - play heavy games and watch videos, get ready to charge the device in the evening.


The smartphone features a 5 inch IPS screen with a resolution of Full HD. Oleophobic coating is present, so fingerprints are easily erased. The pixel density is 441 dpi.

In sunny weather, great saving software capabilities increase the brightness and contrast. Thanks to him, the information on the screen remains visible even in direct sunlight. Sensor automatic brightness control behaves adequately, gradually adjusting the brightness, when it is really necessary, while not overstating and understating its not.

One of the features of the smartphone are the advanced settings screen. In addition to the standard mode, there is an adaptive mode, high-brightness, customizable and advanced mode in the street. In custom mode, it is possible to adjust the hue and saturation.

Test results have shown the following screen: Maximum screen brightness is - 373 cd / m² in normal mode and 564 cd / m² in the boost mode, the minimum value is - 5.3 cd / m² in the normal mode and 13.7 cd / m² in the mode increased brightness, contrast display is 1: 792 in normal mode. As can be seen from the results, it is not surprising that even in sunny weather, the display easily distinguishable.

Checking the calibration screen shows us that the color gamut of the display significantly more sRGB. Green and red shifted toward the warmer shades. Schedule color temperature really pleased with minimal deviation from the reference value. This is extremely rare. But the gamma curve is not turned. On the chart noticed a significant leap.

The result was very good, I would even say the right display. It incorporates both the right temperature, and high brightness. For lovers of reading at night screen also does not seem bright.


The smartphone is equipped with two cameras - front and 5 megapixel main 13 megapixel. Video recording capabilities are quite broad - main camera writes in resolution Full HD, and the front - HD. If the front - this is quite an ordinary camera with a fixed focal length, which is useful for fans of the self or to communicate on Skype, then the main much more interesting. There is a manual adjust the contrast, saturation, sharpness, exposure, and others.

The quality of the pictures are not the best, but good. In general, smooth detail across the frame, denoising is working correctly. Even at night the pictures are good. However, you yourself can see this.


Lenovo VIBE X2 - smartphone, which is able to stand out for their unusual appearance. Among its advantages is to provide high-quality and lightweight body, the performance of "hardware", an excellent screen and a good camera. But among the shortcomings - not strategically placed multimedia speakers and a modest battery life. But do not think that everything is so simple. At a cost of 5999 UAH had a lot of competitors. Among them there as last year, but has not lost its appeal flagships and new devices. And here the choice for the buyer will be very difficult indeed, but even among this variety, the hero of the review is not lost just because of appearance.


+ Appearance

+ Productivity

+ High-quality screen

+ Rich equipment

+ Quality camera

Did not like:

- The location of Multimedia Speakers

- Battery life

Type Smartphone

SIM-card type Micro-SIM Standard GSM 850/900/1800/1900, UMTS 850/900/1900/2100, LTE FDD 1/3/7/20

High-speed data GPRS, EDGE, HSPA +, HSDPA (up to 42 Mb / s), LTE Cat.4 UL (up to 150 Mb / s)

The number of SIM-cards 1

Operating system Android 4.4 (KitKat)


Built-in Memory, GB 32

Expansion Slot -

Dimensions, mm 140,2h68,6h7,27

Weight, g 120

Protection against dust and moisture -

Storage battery 2300 mAh

Opening hours (manufacturer's data) Talk time: up to 17 hours (2G), up to 19 h (3G), up to

19.5 hours (4G), Standby time: up to 228 hours (2G), up to 216 hours (3G), up to 180 hours (4G )

Diagonal inches 5

Resolution 1920 × 1080

Type of matrix IPS

PPI 441

Sensor brightness adjustment +

Touch Screen (Type) touch (capacitive)

Other 16 million. Colors

Cpu MediaTek MT6595m + GPU PowerVR Series6

Type of Kernel Cortex-A17 + Cortex-A7

Number of Cores 8

Frequency, GHz 2

The main camera, MP 13

Autofocus +

Videographers 1920x1080 pixels, 30 k / s

Flash LED

The front facing camera, MP 5

Other Digital zoom

Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n

Bluetooth 4.0 (A2DP)


IrDA -


Interface connector USB 2.0 (micro-USB)

Audio jack 3.5mm

MP3 player +

FM-radio +

Body type monoblock

Keyboard Type entry screen

Yet proximity sensors and lighting, an accelerometer, a receiver GPS, vibration alert

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