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Set-top-box for IPTV, Google TV from LG

2014-07-12 00:00:00

LG Electronics has introduced a new line of so-called "smart" set-top boxes -devices using IP-connection for receiving linear TV programs, as well as OTT services.

Set-top-box for IPTV Google TV production and LG, supports services such as linear TV and video on demand, includes Chrome browser from the store and is compatible with Google Play. Set-top box can work with any media applications in HD, designed for Android. The device also has a built-in data from your phone to TV. Thus, it allows you to save for your TV "title" home entertainment center that can display on your screen video coming from other devices.

Set-top-box equipped with its own graphical user interface -GUI, which includes features such as a handy program guide, as well as the control panel home automation and monitoring system.

DLNA-compatible NetCast OTT-box manufactured by LG has advanced features content sharing, remote management capabilities, as well as -to connect to a home video gateway required to receive pay-TV programs and video on demand.

In the hope of acquiring a sufficient number of 4K video, the company has developed a set-top box that supports Ultra HD. A IP-set-top-box, using middleware OpenTV 5, supports progressive download and work with adaptive streaming as well as able to operate the system Nagra conditional access and use the wireless network connection.

Another product in the set-top boxes from LG company described as a budget cable receiver with MPEG 4, downloadable conditional access system, with 256 QAM, 64 QAM and 8 VSB modulation.

Finally, LG has developed a new Wi-Fi connection, allowing users to easily transfer smartphones Miracast picture with the phone`s display on the TV screen.

According to the correspondent

Mediasat, during the Cable Show, LG demonstrated the possibility of premium services from cable providers on their smartphones and Smart TV. The show featured the work platform devices with Rogers Anyplace TV -with an interface optimized for intuitive remote control system LG Magic Remote, video on demand "HBO GO" for smartphone users Miracast. Also, the device can be used for home control systems, security cameras and control light levels.

"Driven by consumer interest, the possibility of cable and Smart TV converge faster than ever," -said Kurt Hoppe, director of Smart TV and new technologies in LG Electronics USA. -"The consumer is looking for a way to get on the same device all possible services from the cable guy -and TV and video on demand, and more. Thus the consumer wants everything to be comfortable and natural. The range of set-top boxes from LG and open platform Smart TV cable manufacturers provide opportunities to meet these ever growing customer needs today and in the future. "

Source: Mediasat. net. ua

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