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Market TV applications can grow

2014-04-03 00:00:00

NextMarket Insights research firm predicts that in the U.S. TV market applications can grow more than tripled -from $ 4.5 billion in 2012 to $ 14 billion by 2017.

before our eyes in this environment is formed entirely new housekeeper, which includes services Smart TV, OTT consoles, Blue-ray devices and gaming consoles.

"Market growth will be based on several models of monetization," -says Michael Wolf, senior analyst NextMarket Insights. "We expect the growth of subscriptions through apps, subscriptions to TV packages, advertising, applications with premium content purchases through the application. Together, this new medium can give a tremendous opportunity as the most agile existing players and new entrants to the market ".

positive factor for economic growth TV applications will develop software platforms and becoming models of monetization. In turn, will hinder the process of technological fragmentation of the market due to fierce competition and the intractability of manufacturers and software platforms is a relatively young and unformed advertising ecosystem.

"On the market there are not less than 10 software platform for Connected TV, is actively used by major OEMs, with no obvious leader," -says Wolfe. "As of today -this is the main obstacle to the growth of the market".


NextMarket Insights, against the background of a fragmented market it is likely that there will break another player with huge investment opportunities, for example, Apple or Amazon.

"Both companies have significant expertise in digital distribution, creating products and sales. Their entry into the market can dramatically change its landscape, "-says Michael Wolfe. "We estimate that one or both players make the move for a year and a half".

Source: Cableman. ru

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