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Using the Internet TV Samsung

2014-04-18 00:00:00


simple TV viewing is not interesting to anyone. Modern TVs are much more than public broadcasting channels. The inputs of our TVs come HD video, the technique of embedded modules, allowing for a direct access to the Internet, run the gaming applications. LCD TVs with new features are commercially available in a large assortment. But technology is evolving, making our everyday life more and more possibilities.

New TV Samsung Smart Interaction -it`s not just interact with your computer, but also very easy to work on the Internet.


TV control unit has built-in voice recognition. To access the Internet, it is enough to say "Web browser". Can also be recognized and recognizable face gestures. There are some disadvantages of these technologies. Operation using the voice command requires silence in the room. To recognize gestures, you need good lighting. Microphone for voice control built into the remote.

Remotes to enable different functions, management and configuration -two. One of them touch, and the other -button. To manage the new Samsung ES8000 TV can be used smart phones, an operating system iOS and Android. Samsung offers a chance for developed its application for a smartphone to use it as a remote control.

Understanding Russian

incorporated in the list of 30 languages. Integrated management of 70 voice commands. Special HD-camera follows your movements and detects a face and gestures. Each owner of the TV receives an individual profile. Individual movements allow flipping web page, adjust the volume, and other things. However, to fully work with the Internet, you need a keyboard. It must be purchased separately.


connectors for different devices located new port called Evolution Kit. It can later be used for upgrading the TV to future modifications. Now you do not need to buy an LCD TV with new features, but enough to put modernizing module.

Smart-TV the new opportunities are almost the same as in previous models. There is access to the use of different widgets, making purchases in the store application, opening a browser, player, compiling videozaprosov. Web-camera, you can use when calling Skype.

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