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What to choose: Apple TV, Roku 2 or Google Chromecast?

2014-10-02 00:00:00

course you can watch movies and videos from Youtube on the laptop screen or tablet. But if there is a large TV, the better to display the image on it. And there are gadgets that allow you to do this. One of them -Google Chromecast, bestseller online store Amazon. The only device in the top 5 sales are not from Amazon. In sub streaming media players Apple TV and Roku 2 are the second and third place behind Google Chromecast. Chromecast worth $ 35, Apple TV $ 100, Roku 2 $ 80. What to choose?

Google Chromecast

Allows you to broadcast video from your tablet or smartphone on the TV screen, and then use your mobile device as a remote control.

Plus: Display Full HD video for just $ 35, easy to use. Just run the application on the tablet and start broadcasting. Today Chromecast works with applications: VEVO, Red Bull. TV, Songza, PostTV, Viki, Revision 3, BeyondPod, Avia, RealPlayer Cloud, Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO GO, Pandora, YouTube, Google Play Movies and TV and Google Play Music.


Less: list of applications is limited, despite the recent addition.

is likely that soon will include support for the full mirroring. But will have to wait. There is also no dedicated remote control. Finally, the device operates only via Wi-Fi.

Suitable for: Budget buyers, those who often watching a video on a mobile device and want to quickly switch to the big screen. Makes it easy to organize a presentation.

Roku 2

Allows you to use the same services as Google Chromecast. In addition to them: Amazon Instant, Vevo, Daily Motion, CNN, TEDTalks, Plex, MLB TV, Spotify and many others. Organized convenient movie rentals.

roku 2

Plus: access to a large library, a convenient remote control, which is embedded in the headphone output. The remote has buttons for quick access to Amazon, Blockbuster, MgO and Netflix. Can also be used to control the Smartphone.

Minus: No Ethernet in Roku 3 is, you can not reprogram the buttons on the remote. Does not work with YouTube.

To fit? Hard to say, Netflix does not work in, Youtube device does not support.

Apple TV

Playing video myzyka, photo from the Internet, the computer via iTunes and devices on iOS. Duplication video Mac, iPhone, IPad or IPod Touch to a TV via AirPlay.


Plus: how to connect to the network via Wi-Fi, or via Ethernet. Connections to services: Vimeo, Flickr, Disney Channel, PBS, Sky News, live sports broadcasts: Baseball MLB, American football NFL, basketball NBA, hockey NHL. As for AirPlay, it works great with computers Apple, mobile phones.

Less: can not dubirovat image from the PC to Windows.

Good art lovers

from Apple.

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Apple TV

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