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LCD TV Review Toshiba 42SL833 Smart TV

2014-04-10 00:00:00

toshiba 42sl833

In this review, a new model LCD TV by Toshiba, which is equipped with an Edge LED backlight with the support Full HD resolution. Toshiba 42SL833 is a type of smart TV Smart TV and allows you to connect to your home network and the Internet portal with access to Toshiba Places, which includes a variety of services and widgets. TV allows you to control stored on the computer photos, videos and music files.

This Toshiba 42SL833 at an affordable cost and features a variety of proprietary systems and video processing settings color accuracy. System for processing Active Vision 100Hz refresh rate increases of up to 100 frames per second, thereby increasing the accuracy in dynamic plot. An integrated system of Dolby Volume eliminates annoying volume differences when changing channels or switching between devices so constantly maintaining optimum levels.

Introduction The design of this TV

developed Dane Jacob Jensen, who for the last two years has partnered with Toshiba. Visually, this model is pretty good, although not as good as the more expensive models of the company. But HDTV Toshiba 42SL833 stands a very good build quality, and despite the elegant look, is quite heavy 19.6 kg.

LCD TV review toshiba 42sl833

Compact design TV features smooth straight lines and sharp angles of the frame around the screen. Triangular rotatable support connects the display with a flat tabletop stand. Structural stability is provided and four rubber pads on the underside of the stand.

Under the screen you can find the touch buttons to change channels, adjust the volume, access the menu, which, unfortunately, does not glow in the dark. We also noted a good enough anti-glare effect. In this regard, about the same as a TV Toshiba recently considered models Sony EX521 and EX720, but it loses a little in terms of optimizing contrast in brightly lit room. The disadvantage of reflection and giving black lacquer finish.

LCD TV review toshiba 42sl833

On the rear panel is a standard set of interfaces, where most of the connectors has a horizontal orientation. Back directed three inputs HDMI with Audio Return Channel ARC of the four antenna connector, Ethernet, optical port S/PDIF, YUV, RCA and SCART. On the sidebar, located only one input HDMI without support ARC, two ports USB one for multimedia, the other for the module Wi-Fi, Port CI +, 3,5 mm headphone jack and an RCA inputs for composite video and stereo .

beautifully designed, ergonomic and very nice to look at the remote control, unfortunately, has no backlight for the keys. Regza Link function works fine. The disadvantages include the fact that our Blu-ray player was not identified automatically with the remote control.

LCD TV review toshiba 42sl833

reception quality of TV channels

This TV is equipped with DVB-T tuner with automatic tuning and preset channels. You can change the order of channels to add them into the category chosen, manage subtitles, the choice of language in multilingual programs, etc.

LCD TV review toshiba 42sl833

Automatic setup is very fast, much faster than many other TVs, but it can be done manually. System navigatsiipo channels is great! The display a lot of information signal strength, clock, etc.. Decent picture quality at the same time.

very effective at great Blu-ray player deinterlacing system. There are only very minor irregularities. Image is too harsh and even reveals some minor compression artifacts footage. Nevertheless, SD scaling one of the best television channels, the picture clear and precise, without blurring.

LCD TV review toshiba 42sl833

Dynamic compensation Active Vision 100Hz not very noticeable increases in smooth-motion scenes, but does not create undue effect video film footage, works well with the personnel Kinoformat 3: 2 Pull Down but less effective in other versions. Another advantage Active Vision System 100 Hz is that it removes small noise. This TV does not support the video via USB, which is becoming more prevalent in today`s HDTV.

LCD TV review toshiba 42sl833

Works great system for automatic correction of sound -Dolby Volume. It smooths out volume differences in commercials and when switching video sources, aligns dynamic range with low sound. There are additional options for correcting the frequency range level. Sound quality, as well as any flat even the most upscale TV, not great, but acceptable. It may be adequate for watching TV, but not enough for a home theater. For high sound quality, you can use the digital HDMI interface with RCA or optical S/PDIF. Audio Return Channel function allows you to send audio from the TV back to the AV receiver via the same HDMI cable that was adopted by the input signal, and enjoy the sound format Dolby Digital Plus 5.1.

HD picture quality

HD picture quality is one of the most important components of the modern features HDTV, because televisions are often used in a home theater for watching high-quality movies with Blu-ray discs. To achieve the necessary level requirements often have to make adjustments videosproizvedeniya LCD panel, concern yourself with color, contrast, black levels and brightness. In this case, the calibration process was a difficult, but the results are there!

LCD TV review toshiba 42sl833 With the factory settings

picture simply stunning! Excessive contrast, all video processing filters are activated, a bluish image, gamma perfect enough. Be a long and painstaking work to get it all correct. Name settings are completely different than the TV Samsung, Sony and LG. We switched to standard mode, to start from scratch.

Image Settings

the main menu shows the standard controls: the level of illumination, contrast, brightness, color, tint, sharpness, and there is a submenu "Advanced Settings" and "Settings expert mode". Control at minimum illumination led to the black level of 0.01 cd/m ². Of course, to maintain acceptable brightness and gamma, we did not drop to a minimum, and set the control to 50% without dinamicheskoypodsvetki, and 65% with dynamic lighting.

LCD TV review toshiba 42sl833

Available in the advanced setup menu function Color Master or color enhancement works, as well as on other TVs inefficient and so we unplugged it, manually adjusting the color temperature and the ambient light sensor to optimize the level of illumination and power consumption. And rigged Dimmer which can be disabled, the level of black/white and gamma settings quite different from those used by other manufacturers. Noise reduction has provisions auto or manual easy, medium, hard, processing Active Vision M100 standard/average/Off.

LCD TV review toshiba 42sl833 In the settings

"Expert Mode" has many functions such as calibration patterns, filters to adjust the primary colors RGB red, green, blue. But most importantly, the "White Balance", which allows you to adjust the balance of the primary colors and strengthening RGB.

LCD TV review toshiba 42sl833

Calibration and Measurement

At default settings, the display emits a very powerful light output, not allowing to achieve a sufficiently deep black 0.09 level without dynamic lighting. To configure a range of shades of gray and we had to reduce the luminous flux of up to 110 cd/m. m to give a very low static contrast of 1170:1, the desired minimum below 2500:1.

Mid gamma curve close to the level of 2.3 which is very close to the reference 2.2, gray scale is very good, but not perfect, error rendering a mean of 2.4 very good, and a very nice color balance. Accurate color, but slightly oversaturated, especially red and green.

measurements without dynamic lighting Color Temperature review LCD TV toshiba 42sl833 Color Balance RGB optimal level 100%  LCD TV review toshiba 42sl833 Gamma gray dashed line -the ideal level/Blue -measured < img src="http://shsnls.com/foto/wp-content/uploads/posts/2011-11/thumbs/1322682784_ris14.jpg" alt = "LCD TV review toshiba 42sl833" title = "LCD TV review toshiba 42sl833" class = ""/> Color brightness reference curve -gray dashed line LCD TV review toshiba 42sl833

Unlike Sony EX720, color brightness curve throughout is not accurate, including dynamic lighting, contrary to expectations, provides excellent results. In reality, the fact the backlight is not very visible on the screen, but it helps to achieve a deeper black color brightness balance curve and even gamma curve is lowered to 2.2 with an ideal color temperature of 6500 K. With dynamic backlight brightness of 122 cd/m ² with dynamic Contrast 50 753:1.

measurements with dynamic lighting Color brightness Perfect  angle LCD TV toshiba 42sl833 Gamma Perfect  LCD TV review toshiba 42sl833

Calibration settings for a darkened room:

• Backlight: 50 65 with dynamic lighting
• Contrast: 98
• Brightness: 26
• Color: 48
• Tint: -1
• Master Colors: Off
• Temperature: 5
• Light Sensor: Off
• Backlight On or Off to taste
• Black/White: 0
• Static Gamma: -5
• Noise reduction: Off
• Resolution +: Off
• ActiveVision 100 Hz: Off
• R: 0
• G: -12
• B: -13
• R gain: -3
• G Gain: 1
• B gain: -1

filters for image

As usual, we did not use any filters. Noise reduction gives poor results, and Resolution + offers suits effect only on individual SD channels. Will not return to the quality of the system motion compensation Active Vision 100Hz, as mentioned in the previous chapter.

LCD TV review toshiba 42sl833

Highlights Screen


illumination of the screen can be seen periodically in LCD TVs with side illumination system, which is manifested in light "clouds" on a dark background, and less visible in bright areas depending on the LCD panel. This effect may vary from model to model, even in the same series.

LCD TV review toshiba 42sl833

tested model was not very susceptible to this drawback, but slight haze we still noted. Little noticeable they are only on a static image, but with enough ambient light disappear completely.

Multimedia and services on the Internet

attractive feature TVs Toshiba SL833 is an interactive platform with support for Toshiba Places interactive HbbTV standard and web services. Launched in 2011, the web portal Toshiba includes several sections, allowing to receive news, weather reports, email, view photos from the Internet, download widgets, online games, video on demand, YouTube and more. In addition, the TV has a built-in player that can play music and photos from an external hard drive, flash drive, or from a computer via the network.

LCD TV review toshiba 42sl833

Support HbbTV standard is currently not always be useful. It allows the viewer to have direct feedback from a television studio in live broadcast, interact with managers of online shopping, play interactive games, book TV timeshifting mode TV catch-up, etc.


Toshiba Places has some drawbacks in terms of limited supply. So yet to be added in the near future video on demand, not enough news about updates or announcements movies. By cons, we classified and some stability problems with the connection a problem that will surely be eliminated in the new firmware.

LCD TV review toshiba 42sl833 This

TV portal superbly structured, in comparison with many other tested TVs. All broken clip art, YouTube offers excellent ergonomic and functional menu. System convenient, visual and responsive.

LCD TV review toshiba 42sl833

Toshiba Places offers:

Account & Settings: setting and control of personal data
Favorite services: favorite choice of services and quick access
TV Places: missed opportunity timeshifting TV programs.
VideoPlaces: VOD video on demand, presently insufficient choice of services, there is only YouTube and some other
Social Network for email access Gmail Google Account, videos and photos to sites Flickr, Dailymotion, Youtube, sharing online bookmarks favorites.
News: News, Yellow Pages

Multimedia Support

LCD TV review toshiba 42sl833

As noted earlier, the TV can be played via USB interface video, music and photos stored on external hard drives and USB drives. Only recognizes external hard drives and USB flash drives with file systems FAT and NTFS. The disadvantages include a small amount of perceived video formats.

Multimedia Support:
• 1080p MKV recognized fine, but not always, DTS is not recognized.
• 24p is not supported, MKV files are displayed at 50 Hz, with a slight twitching
• Does not support subtitles and multi-channel audio
• MP4 excellent read
• In MKV and MP4 were recognized DivX, AVI, TS, M2TS ...
• From the music file is recognized only MP3 not read WMA, WAV or, LPCM, not to mention FLAC and APE.

via your home network, you can access files stored on the computer video, music and photos. Just place these files in a shared library Windows Media Player, and you can easily access them from your TV Toshiba, connected to the network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Everything is organized in the same way as on TVs Sony. However, many video files are detected, but only in summer transcoded SD resolution 480p, even if the starting material 1080p MKV.

• MKV, AVI, DivX, TS and M2TS 1080p and 720p recognized but only in transcoded 480p SD
• Video DTS sound is not supported
• Video plays choppy due to conversion on the fly 24p => 25 and downscaling to 480p
• Subtitles, sections and multitrack audio not supported
• You can navigate through the video forward and backward, embark on a pause or stop, and that`s all ...
• Music in stereo WMA, LPCM, WAV, FLAC, MP3 recognized if a 44.1 kHz 16-bit not 96 kHz or 192 kHz
• Music 5.1 will not work in FLAC, WAV, LPCM
• No display tags.


Toshiba 42SL833 has a very good build and nice design, but the connectors are uncomfortable, making it difficult to wall mount.

very good quality image has high contrast a bit lacking sharpness at the edges of the screen. Amazing color and fairly accurate maybe a little oversaturated in shades of red/green, almost perfect gamma, perfect gray scale, color temperature is ideal, but not enough deep black color for home theater recommended darkened room, the brightness decreases slightly after calibration, and viewing angles are not very wide.

LCD TV review toshiba 42sl833

Toshiba 42SL833

Excellent dynamic backlight system works, but the film on the screen still lacks the depth of black. We also noted some shortcomings built-in speakers when playing dynamic music scenes.

HD picture quality is gorgeous, with a very good de-interlacing and scaling, higher than the average of all tested TVs.

the system interface presents a rich set of adjustment knobs, though calibration can be a bit daunting for beginners. • Very good color
• Very good HD picture
• Scaling SD channels
• Decorating and Design
• ToshibaPlaces albeit incomplete yet
• Pleasant live video interface
• Compatible with HbbTV
• Fairly complete picture settings
• Support for 36-bit DeepColor
• Affordable cost.

• Very limited natural contrast
• Lack of a deep black level
• Very poor support for multimedia formats
• Too many connectors "look on the wall"
• A little tricky setting image
• Video filters require refinement
• Increased noise sometimes
• Viewing angle is a bit limited.

Source: www. hdtv. ru

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