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TV Review LG 42LM660T

2015-12-27 00:00:00


Juicy and deep black levels

Warm pleasing colors

Excellent sound quality

wide range of functions for multimedia and internet

Excellent implementation of passive 3D-technology



loss of detail on the darker areas

There is noise when you display images in a format SD

LG 42LM660T television receiver with a screen diagonal of 42 inches released in 2012. Lineup this year -an attempt LG closer to its main competitor -the company Samsung, which is the largest manufacturer of television sets in the world.

Let`s see what we can offer LG for a price equal to £ 1,150.

user interface and EPG

This time LG has redesigned the user interface again. Previous version was one of the best, but after the update schedule has become smoother and appeared interesting 3D-effects. For example, on the main home screen now displays three large panels. Icons placed on them basic applications, video service on LG 3D Zone and videos that have been played with a computer network protocol via DLNA or application Plex. When switching from one icon to another appears in a beautiful panoramic 3D-effect.


When switching the TV`s input on the bottom of the screen panel with large icons, so you can determine which input is selected. To the TV you can connect network devices such as a personal computer.

spite of the benefits, there is a couple of shortcomings. Although the Electronic Program Guide EPG has been updated, there is no window with icons from the gallery video clips. When called EPG, lost video and audio on the active channel.

menu system has too many options, an inexperienced user can get confused, especially in cases where there are multiple ways to perform the same operation. For example, to access the applications you can by pressing the "Apps" on the remote control, and you can select the right of the bottom panel on the home screen or enter the "Main Menu", or, finally, open app store.

Digital Media and Internet functions

This TV will turn into nothing if it does not connect to the internet. On board he installed platform LG Smart TV, so by default provides access to services such as BBC iPlayer, Facebook and video service Acetrax. LG distributed applications on the basis of premium access includes iPlayer and Twitter and sharing, where all other software. Among the common applications, such as a section with simple games.


Furthermore, there is a great opportunity to connect to a TV, laptop or external hard drive to view on the big screen their own content -videos, photos and music videos, and composition. Connection can be made wired and wirelessly connected devices if the protocol support DLNA. 42LM660T model supports a variety of formats. You can open and play on this TV virtually any file, including HD-video stored in the format MKV.

Design and interfaces

LG has significantly reduced the width of the frame around the screen. When the TV is turned off, is visible only a thin strip of silver that runs along the perimeter of the screen. Its thickness is not greater than one millimeter. Cost turn the screen and appears black border width of 1 cm, which does not spoil the overall look. Since this model does not have built-in camera, near the upper limit of no convexity violating the strict geometry of lines.


stand also drew the attention. It is almost the same as some TV models from Samsung. Since all the fasteners are hidden, it seems that the TV floating in the air.

Perhaps only found engineering miscalculation is that the HDMI ports are too close to the left edge of the TV. The result has to bend the cables HDMI, otherwise they ugly stick out from the back panel. Other shortcomings on the deployment of the connectors are not seen. On the sidebar contains three USB-port. At the rear entrance visible VGA, as well as composite and component connectors. Since this Smart TV, it has a port and Ethernet, as well as built-in Wi-Fi.

440x330-lg-42lm660-3 -ports

to this TV receiver attached two remote control. They have a standard design for LG. Remote long, moderately narrow, with large buttons that have the optimum operation. Due to this easy to feel, when the button is pressed properly, and when not. Lack button illumination can be regarded as a bit lacking.

Another nice thing: in the present model 42LM660T controller that tracks human movement. The controller movements need to get used to. On the functions it is very similar to a computer mouse. Cursor appears on the screen as soon as a person takes up the remote. You can move the cursor by waving the remote in the air and when a desired menu and want to open it, just press the Center button. On the remote also has a scroll wheel, which is used for navigation.

sound quality

In the past, many televisions LG suffered poor sound quality. Fortunately, the manufacturer has corrected its errors. Although this model has a very narrow body of 32 mm in the top and middle, the bottom of the width to 20 mm added to organize audio speakers, the sound of which is directed downwards.

Quality 2D-Images


as 2D-image can be seen immediately after turning on the TV. To fine-tune the image there is a special menu in which you can find a list of presets. But since it is obvious that this model is capable of reproducing even a deep black color, which can usually be seen in the best plasma screens.


Colors transmitted to LG 42LM660T, as close to natural. Due to the warm color palette reproduced from Blu-ray, just gorgeous. But, nevertheless, fly in the ointment has not done. Channels broadcasting in standard definition, do not appear so qualitatively, as in some devices from other manufacturers. Must be very careful with SD-image settings, as it can easily appear excessive noise. For the best quality display black levels need much mute backlight, but this, in turn, leads to a loss of detail on the darker areas of the displayed image.

Quality 3D-images

As in many other models of LED TV production LG, this model is used in a passive rather than active 3D-technology. In the passive 3D polarizing filter is activated. Each eye receives an image having only half the resolution, which provides standard TV receiver with an active Full HD 3D-technology. But due to the fact that the image processing as the human brain is involved, the image ultimately gaining three quarters of the frame format Full HD. The difference in the resolution, you can see if you sit very close to the screen as a normal distance it is much more difficult to recognize.


passive technology, there are other advantages. For example, very cheap 3D-glasses. In the TV comes with four pairs of glasses. The screen does not flicker, and glasses do not blur the image as it happens with the active 3D. Crosstalk or occurrence of extraneous images on the screen, there is practically no. Although, if you watch TV at a vertical angle greater than 15 degrees, the 3D-picture may be distorted. Best TV receiver positioned on the center line of vision.


Overall, the combination of these obvious advantages, such as low-cost 3D-glasses, bright picture and excellent image depth, 3D converted into a first-class option, especially for those who wish to enjoy watching 3D-movies with friends or close family circle.


Model 42LM660T leaves a deep impression. In design and functionality, it is one of the best in its class. Do not forget about the crystal-clear HD-image and excellent support passive 3D-technology. From receiving the highest ratings this model separates the mere presence of a certain amount of noise in an image is displayed in the SD-format and a slight loss of detail on the darker areas.

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