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RTRS launched the "Telekontekst»

2014-04-09 00:00:00

In October 2012, the launch site of scientific and educational non-profit project of television "Telekontekst" available at telekontekst. RTRS. rf. This is part of a special project develops the ideas and federal RTRS website. RF provides information support to the federal target program "Digital terrestrial television." Website special project "Telekontekst" created at the request of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network" RTRS.

main objective of the site "Telekontekst" -to introduce users to the world of television and popular to explain the principles of modern television, avoiding extensive texts with complex technical terms.

Besides articles and reviews on the subject of television "Telekontekst" offers the attention of users many interesting facts provided with colorful pictures and stylish infographics, which illustrates any topic.

The idea of creating such

television encyclopedia born after user requests were analyzed on television in western segments of the Internet and the corresponding analogues in RuNet. The results showed that the Russian Internet sites set on cinema and telecommunications, but there is no single resource that meets the requirements of ordinary users, not versed in the technical side of broadcasting. Accordingly, had the idea to fill that niche and make a beautiful, popular and simple site that would offer users specific information in a concise and easy to understand manner, and also served as an educational function.

concept "Telekonteksta" partially inherits the structure of Wikipedia, offering convenient search the site materials, vocabulary, and through referrals from article to article without having to return to the homepage. A key element of visual solutions website is to use different shades of blue, natural to the human eye. Blue color soothes, relieves tension and does not cause irritation.

All Site Content "Telekontekst" is created on the basis of information known permanent authors of the project, which also conduct interviews of famous people visit as part of the drafting group, museums and television broadcasting of domestic well-known objects, and for each film art director picks project design and creates original infographic.

Sophisticated feedback system allows the selection of topics for articles according to users` interests. The project life cycle is not limited by the one unique feature -any user who visited a special project of the reader can become a regular contributor to "Telekonteksta" if has interesting information on television and it is able to competently teach.

urgency of the project "Telekontekst" is a timely coverage of the latest devices and technologies, and providing answers to popular questions viewers: What is digital TV as a combined Internet and television signal, what are the trends in the development of television in Russia and in the world, etc.

* Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network" RTRS created by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 13.08.2001 № 1031 g. RTRS main objectives is to improve the operation of the distribution network television and radio programs in Russian Federation; implementation of the planned activities for the development of broadcasting; widespread transition to digital broadcasting, the creation of conditions for the consistent analogue switch-off in the country and the completion of a single information space in the Russian Federation.

Press Materials:

Http ://telekontekst. RTRS. RF

Http ://RTRS. RF

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