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New TV remote TV series Philips Smart TV

2014-07-01 00:00:00

Philips has demonstrated a new kind of public television remote. According to the creators, the device instinctively clear to everyone, even your grandmother will not have to wrestle with how to reduce the volume and change the channel.

Remote Control TV series Philips Smart TV is bilateral. On the back side of the unit can use the keyboard to type and communicate on Twitter and Facebook. And do not stop at the same time to watch TV. In addition, the remote acts as pointer -now appears on the screen cursor like a mouse on a computer. This makes it possible to select items directly on the screen.

Authors gadget assure that it will soon become as popular as a mouse, and a person can easily operate them blindly, like other computer devices.

Previously, Samsung presented

symbiosis TV and phone. Model Samsung Smart TV ES6100W can be controlled using a smartphone LG Optimus L7. Only required to connect telephone and TV in the same local area network using a Wi-Fi router.

Source: Polit. ru

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