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IconBIT XDS1003D vs DUNE HD: a comparative review of the media player

2015-05-06 00:00:00

September 28 iconBIT company has once again proved its leadership in the domestic and European market media players, providing a totally unique product that is already in the first hours of its appearance blew stagnant market, where for a long time nothing significant happens, and it seemed that nothing and will not happen.

What is so unique new iconBIT XDS1003D? Everyone! The highlight of this player is to use a platform based on the new chipset Realtek RTD1186DD. While this chipset very little is known. Even online Realtek we could not find any information about it. And no wonder! The fact that according to preliminary information, the official release of this chipset is scheduled only for late October. So how iconBIT able to present not just the announcement of a future product, not an engineering sample, and full serial player that today you can buy in stores? The answer to this question is simple. iconBIT long been actively cooperating with the Realtek. Just remember that it iconBIT was the first company that introduced for their players based on Realtek, firmware, based on SDK4. She was the first added to the reference firmware Realtek new opportunities that others turned out to be made under force. So do not be surprised and that iconBIT could show first player on the new chipset, which others are still only thinking.

So, what is known about Realtek RTD1186DD? Known is really a bit. First of all, it is the fastest media chipset. It is clocked at 750MHz. Second, along with support for all current formats and codecs, including all possible formats and HD audio chipset that has full support structure Blu-Ray, including BD Menu. For those who have no clue, explain that until now Blu-Ray structure was partially supported in the firmware on SDK4, and that not all players. The user could only lose the film, but none of what a beautiful menu and even more about interactive things available in Blu-Ray, out of the question. As to the third feature of native support for gigabit network that allows us to speak about the possibility of playing a very heavy video surveillance. In fairness, we note that there is already a gigabit network chipset in 1185, but due to the lower performance, it is not normally allowed to play on the network some very heavy films.

Next time distinguishing Realtek RTD1186DD any other media chipsets, including the latest chipsets from Sigma Designs, for the support HDMI 1.4 and 3D video. Now you can connect the player to a TV that supports 3D, put on the glasses and enjoy this three-dimensional picture.

latter feature, which is worth paying attention is the enhanced support for additional features and services. For example, the new chipset supports advanced consoles and miniature keyboard, Web browser with Flash, and that, probably, is particularly interesting, allows you to use as a second operating system Android, in which you can run multiple applications.

In this review we will talk in detail about all the possibilities of the new iconBIT XDS1003D, and compare it with the player DUNE HD Series Smart, namely Model Smart D1. It is clear that such a comparison is not entirely objective. On some points DUNE HD Smart D1 inferior iconBIT XDS1003D, nevertheless, as he remains the market leader both in terms of actual support formats, including Blu-Ray, and in terms of performance. It seems to us, in this sense, the new iconBIT XDS1003D must show the result is no worse than DUNE HD Smart D1. Does he get to do this, see below.


player DUNE HD Smart D1 we reported back in March of this year. Therefore, in this review we will not talk about it too much. Instead, pay attention only to the most salient points that may be of interest in comparison with iconBIT XDS1003D.

DUNE HD Smart D1 ...

When, about a year ago, DUNE introduced its new line of media players series Smart, many of us have noted an interesting design solution while maintaining the classic design.

As you can see, DUNE HD Smart is made in an unusual design. This so-called "brick" with located on the short side of the display, a slot for memory card type SD/SDHC, USB port for connecting external drives and use the Power and Eject. This design is not very useful when you install the player near a TV, but when installed in a rack or TV Tubman selected design solution provides very interesting. The fact that you can use the DUNE HD Smart D1 in combination with additional models BD drive, additional hard drives or module for expansion cards that are made in exactly the same design and are directly attached to the main unit by using special brackets. The result is a complete home-theater component.

basic input-output ports are located on the rear side of the player. DUNE HD Smart is equipped with standard port HDMI 1.3, Ethernet port stomegabitnym and optical digital output. Here is also a set of component and composite outputs, two USB2.0 ports for connecting external devices and one for connecting the player to the computer port eSATA, which can be used to connect an external drive or an additional module.

To control the player is used quite handy remote. Despite the apparent kondovo angularity and the terminal has the correct button layout and very comfortable in the hand.

Hard Disk is installed on the inside of a steel chassis. To do this, remove the cover of the player. Note that in the DUNE HD Smart D1 uses passive cooling natural convection flow, which makes the player is quiet in operation, but imposes a restriction on the choice of the disc. Using discs "the Green" series with a speed of 5400RPM. If you set the wheels at a speed of 7200RPM, then it can cause instability due to overheating.

player built on the well-known platform Sigma Designs SMP8643. Despite the fact that this platform for over a year, it still remains the most productive and functional.

addition processor Sigma Designs SMP8643AD-CBE3, clocked at 667MHz, the board has a module Flash memory capacity 128MB, and four DDR2 memory chip, totaling 512MB. In addition, the player is equipped with a single network interface 10/100Mbits, built on the chip Realtek RTL8201CP, has a USB hub built GL850G and reprogrammable microcontroller PIC16F690. On the basis of this controller is implemented standby. It responds to a signal from the remote control and transmits a power ON signal to the processor. To cool the chipset used steel chassis housing. The solution is very beautiful, but, as mentioned above, is not very effective when you use a hard disk with a speed of 7200RPM.

IconBIT XDS1003D ...


design DUNE HD Smart can be called a classic, the new iconBIT XDS1003D be called ultra. The design of the player uses a very beautiful combination of metal base brushed nickel and the plastic top, having a beautiful gloss finish. To be honest, for many years of testing media players we have never encountered such a beautiful design. Unlike DUNE HD Smart D1, which is confined rack, iconBIT XDS1003D will look equally well in front and close to the TV.

The design

player we did not find any hint of cheap "kitayschinu." Here everything is done with all the modern trends. Even little things like the logo and the name of the player who usually brought to the front panel of the case, here applied to the side.

On the obverse is the housing segment display with pleasant blue glow. Brightness of the screen is slightly lower than in the player DUNE HD Smart D1. It is not distracting while watching the movie, but the information on it is quite clearly visible. The screen displays the current content type, play mode, HD and 3D modes, content source and the playing time. Here is a two-color LED that indicates power status.

On the back of the player is a typical set of input-output ports. In fact, it is only at first glance, this may seem like a typical set. First of all, we recall that iconBIT XDS1003D first media player, which uses port HDMI 1.4, allowing you to connect it to a 3D TV, just as it can be done on expensive BD player supports 3D.


port HDMI 1.4, the player is equipped with Gigabit network interface, two SPDIF digital audio outputs and a set of component and composite AV outputs. Here is also a small button to restore the firmware after an unsuccessful flashing player. Additional input-output ports arranged on a side of the housing. In addition to the two standard ports USB2.0, designed for connecting external drives, iconBIT XDS1003D equipped with USB3.0 port for connection to a computer and a memory card slot type SD, SDHC and MMC.

Unlike DUNE HD Smart D1, in iconBIT XDS1003D used active cooling for more efficient removal of heat from the motherboard player and built-in hard disk. This allows the wheels to speed 7200RPM without stability problems with the player, however, we strongly recommend the use of "the Green" wheels with low speed. They are noticeably quieter.

To control the player using the remote with a very unusual design buttons. It is not easy to describe in words, it is better to take and try. Button layout can be called comfortable. The only thing that seemed strange to us, because it is a symmetrical arrangement of buttons around the joystick. At first, the control continually take the wrong side, especially in the dark.

IconBIT XDS1003D built on an entirely new platform based on the chipset Realtek RTD1186DD. The main features of this chipset, we have already told, and now would like to draw attention to the features of the platform.

addition to the chipset on the motherboard chip Flash player installed memory capacity of 2GB and two chip RAM capacity 512MB. As for all supported interfaces, they are implemented directly in the chipset, allowing the player to make a very small fee. To cool the chipset used without additional small radiator fan. Hard disk drive is secured to the bottom housing cover having a plurality of apertures for the inflow of cold air.

display controller assembled on a separate board to be connected to the main board of the player two loops. By the way, if we abandon the internal hard disk, then you can do without the fan, which can be easily disconnected from the connector on the motherboard.

real possibilities ...

no secret that the real possibilities of the media player are determined not only by his "iron". How could we have not time to make a critical role software plays. First, see that the player is able to DUNE. For ourselves, we have identified several interesting points that distinguish software DUNE from all the other players on the market today.

The first thing I would like to note -a user-friendly interface. The main screen is a desktop, which handed Vijay weather, the most requested features, network folders and even shortcuts to your favorite radio stations, IPTV channels and just individual movies or music albums.

user can flexibly change desktop themes, appearance and icons to be displayed on the main screen in sections and the file browser. And, if you work with files, you can use the file dune-folder. txt, which prescribes what should look like the contents of each folder.

For example, the folder in which you will upload new movies, you can set to display a list of files and folders sorted by the time of addition, which makes it easy to navigate a large amount of the downloaded information. A folder that stores your favorite movies, you can choose to display the thumbnails sorted by name. For added convenience, you can, using the same file dune-folder. txt, to create a unique design film library, with the possibility of using personal background image, movie posters, descriptions and sort by name, year and genre.

second feature players DUNE is the full support of current formats, including Blu-Ray structure without regional restrictions Blu-Ray menu, BD-J, BonusView, BD-Live.

not to say that players DUNE unique in this sense. There are other players on the same platform, which also supports Blu-Ray, though not without limitations. Most often, you may encounter two limitations. First, many players support only a certain region, which does not play Blu-Ray images with other regional settings. In some models, the user is presented with the possibility of change in the region, however, it can be done only five times.

second limitation concerns those users who plan to play Blu-Ray remote network drive. While the players were the only players DUNE, which easily lose on the network even very heavy content. In particular, they have no problem losing specially selected images, which other players will gag.

In addition to supporting structure

Blu-Ray, DUNE software supports a full range of current codecs and formats:

    Video codecs: MPEG2, MPEG4, XVID, WMV9, VC1, H.264; support for very high bitrate video 50 Mbit/s and above; Video file formats: MKV including 1.0, MPEG-TS, MPEG-PS, M2TS, VOB, AVI, MOV, MP4, QT, ASF, WMV, Blu-ray-ISO, BDMV, DVD-ISO, VIDEO_TS; Optical media formats: data discs CD/DVD/BD MP3, JPEG, etc, Audio CD PCM/DTS, DVD-Video retail and user, Blu-ray retail and user; Audio codecs: AC3 Dolby Digital, DTS, MPEG, AAC, LPCM, WMA, WMAPro, EAC3 Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby True HD, DTS HD High Resolution Audio, DTS HD Master Audio, FLAC, multichannel FLAC, Ogg/Vorbis; support high-quality audio up to 192 kHz/24-bit; Audio file formats: MP3, MPA, M4A, WMA, FLAC, APE, WAV, DTS-WAV, DTS, AC3, AAC; Supports HD audio: pass-through up to 7.1 channels and decoding up to 7.1 channels Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD MA audio tracks Blu-ray, TS, MKV, pass-through up to 7.1 channels of multichannel audio tracks in LPCM Blu-ray, TS, MKV, decoding up to 7.1 channels of audio tracks in FLAC MKV, external; Subtitle formats: SRT external, SUB MicroDVD external, text MKV, SSA/ASS MKV, external, VobSub MP4, MKV, external SUB/IDX, PGS Blu-ray, TS, MKV.

In fact, these include support for all codecs and formats, a unique feature players DUNE is not quite true. If we do not take into account the full support Blu-Ray, then consult with other formats, even inexpensive models of players. However, it should be noted that due to the high productivity and well-written software DUNE player can easily play even "broken" movies that other players can not normally see. Also, do not forget about some other formats, support for which is not incorporated into the chipset. We are talking about the formats MJPEG, Real Video, H.263, SWF, MOD, TOD and REC. Of course, this is not the most popular formats, however, if at some point your player refuses to play the video, filmed a brand new video or digital camera, the great joy you experience.


feature of the software is to support DUNE unique internet services. In fact, all three services, but they picked up, as they say, tasteful.

is the most interesting service "Painting TV." This is a global internet TV service, which allows you to watch more than a hundred Russian TV channels through the Internet. Unlike other similar services, "Painting TV" has some unique features.

First of all, "Painting TV" supports a very large number of channels for every taste. Set of channels is really impressive. The service supports all federal channels, 16 sports, 11 music, 16 cognitive, 7 entertainment, news and a few regional couple comedy, erotic 4 and 29 movie channels, half of which are in HD quality.

second feature "Painting TV" is to support the program archive in two weeks. Archive supported for most of the channels. Exceptions are cinemas, all HD channels and some other channels. Because of this archive you can not rush to your favorite show, movie or broadcast. Now you can watch it anytime you like.

last feature is to support the video library, which to date has collected 980 films specifically we thought. This list is constantly expanding, and if the film appeared today in the torrent, then most likely, next week it will broadcast in cinemas, and a week later, it will lay out in the video library.

The only downside

service "Painting TV" is its serviceability. In principle, nothing surprising in this. For such opportunities and can pay 15 euros per month, the more it is cheaper than the same package from the satellite operators. However, to buy a subscription to this service in Russia is impossible. You have to use the services of intermediaries, paying a bit more expensive.

second service, which is worth paying attention to is called "IVI. RU ". Also very interesting video service with a large collection of movies, and most importantly, free. Especially a lot of talk about it when we do not, we note only that he really did not have enough search and the ability to pause or rewind the movie.


service worthy of our attention, called "RadioTime". This internet radio with a very large and comfortable base stations. We especially liked the opportunity to open a list of local radio stations. In our view, very comfortable.

course, in addition to service "Painting TV" and "RadioTime", the software supports lists of streaming video and audio provided by the Internet service providers, but to be honest, for us, this feature is not relevant, and cover it we will not.

concluding conversation about the possibilities of software for the player DUNE, I would like to say a few words about how to configure. At first glance, the menu settings can seem very complicated and confusing. In fact it is not so. Perhaps the menu structure and can cause problems, but in terms of variety of different parameters, DUNE significantly superior to other players. Although, most of us these parameters is not important.

Thus, the preliminary results. Software for players DUNE has a convenient interface and gibkonastraivaemy boasts competent implementation support different formats and codecs, including full support for Blu-Ray, an excellent network performance and support for a number of unique services, among which the main place is "Painting TV." While for us it is a standard that should be able to modern media player. As for some other support services, including the torrent, which are also supported by the software, then in our view, it is not so important, especially as embedded torrent, often only interfere with the basic functions of the player.

dealt with the basic features of the player DUNE HD Smart D1, go to the main point, namely the study of the real possibilities of the player iconBIT XDS1003D.

Note that at the time of writing, was written into the player the very first flash, so in its capabilities, it is closer to the REFERENCE Realtek, rather than to the extended firmware iconBIT. However, as we found out, the developers are already working on porting the extended version of the software to the new platform.

main player menu includes icons for quick access to your movies, music and photos, favorites, internet SEVIS, and built-in browser settings. In addition, typical for most media players based on Realtek, a set of icons in the menu iconBIT XDS1003D we found the icon logo Android. More about it will be discussed later, but for now consider the features of working with files, settings, network services, support Blu-Ray and 3D video.

to work with files in iconBIT XDS1003D are two traditional mechanism. The first mechanism is a kind of media library, through which, the user can store all their neat movies, music and photos. To access the media library uses three icons Video, Music, Photo in the main menu. Media library supports several options for display files on the screen, including filtering by type and sort by name, size, popularity and time of addition. There is also a search engine, however, until the Russian language is not supported.

In general, the media library can be considered a very convenient mechanism to greatly simplify work with files, especially if the number is in the hundreds. However, she has one limitation. Media library only works with the internal hard drive or external USB drive. If you plan to work with an external network storage or uPNP server, you must use the traditional file browser, which can be opened from either the main menu.

In terms of ease of file browser is slightly inferior to media library. For example, it is unable to filter the files by type of content movies, music, photos and has a limited format filtering, however, for normal work with network drives, it features more than enough. Especially since he supports art display. Please note, in the context menu appeared to publish video on YouTube and FaceBook.

As you can see, iconBIT XDS1003D support similar codecs and formats that players DUNE. Exception is the support of some additional codecs and formats, including MJPEG, Real Video, H.263, SWF, MOD and TOD. Supports all formats and codecs declared implemented very efficiently, however, we, first of all, interested in full support for Blu-Ray, about which so much has been said above.

Support structure

Blu-Ray images and folders properly implemented, that is actually not surprising. Support structure was implemented SDK4 and worked perfectly in the old chipsets Realtek. We are interested in support for Blu-Ray menu. Here we come upon a slight disappointment. In the current firmware version, the developers have implemented only support BD Menu Lite.

Our collection of test films such images were only two. But this does not mean that the player will not play the other images. He plays them in the mode SimpleBD maintaining the correct sequence parts, all audio tracks and subtitles. As for the full support of Blu-Ray BD-J, BonusView and BD-Live, it will be implemented later. It is important to note the fact that iconBIT XDS1003D has no regional restrictions, and plays all the movies without any limitation.

second point we are interested in testing iconBIT XDS1003D, for his performance, and in particular, the network performance. For this we use the traditional set of test images of Blu-Ray, has a very high bit rate in some scenes, which is still normally cope only players DUNE. In this sense, the new iconBIT XDS1003D rose to the occasion. Combining high performance chipset and support gigabit network, the player demonstrated excellent network performance, no problem losing all the difficult moments.

One of the most interesting features iconBIT XDS1003D is native support for 3D video, which will be especially important for owners of 3D TVs. Unfortunately, due to the lack of such a TV, we were not able to study in detail the subject, but in the office iconBIT showed us how it works. It works perfectly! Even network hard way Avatar was played without any problems.

With 3D content in the context menu it is possible to select play mode, 3D or 2D. Besides, when connected to a 3D TV, the player offers its pseudo 3D mode, which allows you to add volume to the normal 2D movie. The effect of course is not as deep as in the present 3D movies, nevertheless viewing experience completely different. In general, then, a large desire to replace the TV and buy more modern with support 3D.

understand the features of working with files, support for Blu-Ray and 3D, you can move on to explore additional opportunities iconBIT XDS1003D.

First of all, I would like to say a few words about the supported Internet services. The current firmware version is supported by a base set of services that are not optimized for the Russian-speaking person. But, at this stage it is normal. As far as we know today iconBIT working to transfer all the extra features and Internet services that are already working on the previous-generation iPods. In particular, there should be support services such as "IVI. RU "and" Picture TV, "Transmission torrent client and many other services.

clicking on the icon with the logo of Android, there is an instant download a second operating system that allows us to consider iconBIT as Android TV Box, similar iconBIT TOUCAN W. Actually Android loading occurs even when you turn on the player, then the Android operating system starts in background. This allows us to call iconBIT XDS1003D first media player with two concurrent operating systems.

This solution allows

extend the functionality of the media player running on it are numerous programs and utilities written for Android.

In the current assembly

Android includes many useful programs, including client access to social networks and photo library, a few games, browser, file manager, built-in media center and even the client to access the service "IVI. RU ", which enables you to watch movies online absolutely free.

user can expand capacity by installing additional applications. In particular, it can be installed on Android customers to access services "Painting TV" and "Zoomby", as well as alternative players for watching videos from your hard drive or the network. Can make the assumption that in the future it will be possible to put Skype for video conferencing, connecting to the player most ordinary Web -camera.


Despite the fact that the new iconBIT XDS1003D somewhat disappointed in terms of full support for Blu-Ray menu, we can safely call it a revolution in the market of media players. And it`s not only a beautiful design and support HDMI1.4 and 3D. No less important was the high network performance, support a variety of formats and codecs developed network and Internet services and, of course, support for Android. If we talk about what we do not like, you can pay attention to only a small "wet" firmware, but to write it down in the minuses we will not. First, despite its small "raw" all embodied in her work opportunities, and secondly, we know that soon we can see the new version of firmware, which will include all the things that are already implemented in previous iPods iconBIT generation.

As for the price, it can be called iconBIT XDS1003D also one of the most affordable player in this class. Today you can buy cheaper 6,000 rubles, while DUNE HD Smart D1, which differs only in full support of Blu-Ray menus and more advanced user interface, will cost you 9990 rubles. Incidentally, one of the most anticipated of concurrency, which we have heard so much about, but have not seen, we mean Xtreamer Prodigy 3D this model is built on the same platform as the XDS1003D, while today it is known that its price in Europe will be higher than 200 Euro. This means that in Russia it will cost about 230-250 Euro 10000-11000 rubles, which is more expensive DUNE HD Smart D1.

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