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Panasonic DMP-BDT220, Smart TV with old TV

2014-04-06 00:00:00

It is clear that the main purpose of Blu-ray-player -with the highest quality possible to extract discs with images and sounds. But since this had no problems of modern models, Panasonic in developing DMP-BDT220 received the opportunity to pay more attention to online features new items. Thus, the player is equipped with a factory module WLAN, ie, the owner does not need to connect the device with a WLAN-Router. In addition, the remote control button appeared on Internet, clicking on which displays a menu with the Internet functions.

Player + applications Modern TVs generation Smart TV, of course, also capable of it, but if the TV two or three years old, and online features it lacks, the DMP-BDT220 will hold the World Wide Web right to your living room. Of course, 10.5 thousand rubles. -Rather big amount, but still a new TV will cost more.


player from Panasonic will make available to any receiver box set of Internet applications. In addition to the standard online news and YouTube videos, DMP-BDT220 enables you to watch online movies, cartoons, TV series, as well as get acquainted with the news. Player will help relieve the boredom through fifteen video games, and a USB to it even possible to connect a gamepad such as Logitech F710 1,6 thous.. However, unassumingly graphics spoil the fun of the game.
Videophone and video library much more interesting Skype-application: using the camera Panasonic TY-CC10W 10,9 thous. Conduct video calls is not difficult. This feature is offered and some older model BD-players, such as DMP-BDT110, but until now it was only available in high-end Samsung TVs and Blu-ray-player BDP-S780 from Sony 12,5 thous..

Player Panasonic provides access to the online video library, and, judging from the pace appearance online cinemas, an offline movie will miss a considerable share of the audience. The number of supported services, Panasonic is already close to its main competitors in Russia -LG and Samsung.

All new and better? Access to Internet resources, of course, is not important for Blu-ray -player; in the end, his main task -to reproduce high-quality films. DMP-BDT220vystupaet adequately -his drive is quieter than its predecessor and many Blu-ray-players from other manufacturers. Drive noises do not interfere even in the quietest scenes of the movie.

note that along with the usual multimedia files and it can play FLAC-files, in which the music is compressed without any loss of quality. However, this format is still not very common. Many more users should rejoice the fact that the player has learned to understand flash drives and external hard drives with the file system NTFS, where you can store files larger than 4 GB it is not uncommon for video in MKV and MKV-HD.

However, DVD-RAM Player no longer plays, but this is unlikely to upset anyone. This type of disc developed by the company Panasonic, but being relatively expensive, they have not been able to take place under the sun.

little fly in the ointment. Alas, DMP-BDT220 need as much as 18 seconds to exit Standby. Quick Launch feature also reduces the time only 4 seconds. The setting in the tray to playback BD-disc player requires 14 seconds, but in the case of the DVD will have to wait for 21 seconds.


dignity picture and sound quality on the traditional Panasonic high level. Blu-ray-movies impressive and most detailed images and vivid colors -including in 3D. Player can optimize DVD-movies to play on a digital television, but because of the low resolution they are still less clear than Blu-ray. Harmonious sound while transferring audio signals through both analog and digital audio outputs through.

Panasonic DMP-BDT220 is equipped better than its predecessors, but has more Internet -features slightly better management, as well as WLAN-module. Moreover, its price is not beyond reasonable limits. Image and sound quality can only envy.

Source: 20bit. ru


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