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New Google TV device BRAVIA Smart Stick from Sony

2015-12-27 00:00:00


leaks from the Federal Communications Agency and a brief preview of this week, Sony has officially announced the NSZ-GU1. New Google TV device BRAVIA Smart Stick is similar in functionality to the previous model consoles Google TV. Keychain with the ability to connect via USB and MHL works with Sony HDTV 2013 release and later.

NSZ-GU1 cost is $ 149.99, the device will not replace the smart TV menu. Graphical interface built for "easy integration and Google applications Sony BRAVIA, which allows users to stay in one menu to launch any application." Also, thanks to the Pass-Through HDMI, do not need to change the inputs to access online television.
Limited compatibility device does not allow him to compete with the Apple TV and Roku, as long as the software is not updated gadget, he can not be replaced and Chromecast.

Source: Sony Blog

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