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Overview Plasma TVs Samsung D6900 PS-51D6900

2015-12-06 00:00:00

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Samsung TVs of the 6-series model are in the company hierarchy between the flagship product of the middle class and a TV, while having a more competitive prices of the functionality of a top-level models. Samsung PS-51D6900 largely meets these criteria against a series D8000. Do not shiny silver D6900 front panel, which some viewers also find it very distracting. In almost all available D6900 Smart TB-Series D8000, has a wonderful set of controls calibration and video processor 3D HyperReal. The feature set and playback quality, at a very attractive cost, PS-51D6900 can be considered a bargain.

This TV is very slim body -4.5 inches at its thickest point. You can once again mention the extra inch Samsung plasma screens this year, due to narrowed the scope of framing, which however, relatively little use.

review plasma televisions samsung d6900 ps-51d6900

placed on the back panel connectors are oriented down or sideways. On the sidebar, at 17 cm from the edge of the TV, are all the 4 inputs HDMI, so that most of the "standard" connectors on the cables should remain hidden from the viewer`s eye, and for more overall connectors can use angle adapters. Near inputs HDMI, has two ports USB one can be used for recording, headphone jack, SPDIF audio output and audio input for your computer.

PS-51D6900 comes with adapters for analog component and RGB Scart connections, antenna jack DVB-T, D-SUB connector for PC. Rear connector is connect a LAN cable. Such a comprehensive and fairly standard set of interfaces PS-51D6900. Probably would not hurt even fifth port HDMI.

Some owners of plasma TVs have to contend with additional noise radiated cooling fans on the rear panel televisions. In our sample, like all plasmas have fans, but they can not hear unless you put your ear to the back panel. At the noise of the plasma are likely to influence and acoustic characteristics of the material wall behind the TV. In particular dampening sound waves.

review plasma televisions samsung d6900 ps-51d6900

remote control supplied with this TV Samsung, made in standard plastic case, but at least, backlit buttons logically placed. Many people now have smartphones, which allow almost completely mimic the functionality of the remote control and simplify the use of smart TV functions. I have never heard serious complaints about the quality of the remote control, but would like to see more new items designed for more sophisticated consoles Samsung.

Initial setup after the D6900 passed without problems, and after the on-screen menu system presented itself familiar Samsung. Shall not be concerned in this review features menu and consider here some of the most important settings.

At the top of the Picture menu provides standard controls Contrast, Brightness and Hue, there is also a brightness slider raster cells with a range of 0-20. In fact, this additional contrast control, which acts only on the brightness of the white is not reflected at the level of black. In Movie mode, this knob set to 17, in conjunction with the contrast set to maximize the dynamic range. The resulting brightness level 35ftL ideally suited for our viewing conditions. Definition regulator does not require changes in the Cinema mode and remains the default value of 20.

As with all TVs Samsung, in the Images menu it has a myriad of options that undoubtedly presents certain difficulties for inexperienced users. General advice in this case is. If you see regulators marked as dynamic ... and then something like "blah blah" -improver or noise reduction, advise to disable them. For the D6900, we did not find exceptions to this rule. Fortunately, Movie mode dispenses with most unnecessary controls, so this is another reason for its use, and the main reason is that it gives the closest to the standard image image.

As already mentioned, PS-51D6900 is equipped with an excellent set of controls for settings, including 2-D and 10-point white balance controls and RGB color management system available in the advanced settings in the Picture menu. Image Options in Movie mode options include: Auto1, Auto2 and Cinema Smooth.
Note: This option only appears Cinema Smooth if detected material format 24p, and we recommend using it with this type of video material for smooth, flicker-free picture found on most Blu-ray discs.

review plasma televisions samsung d6900 ps-51d6900


review plasma televisions samsung d6900 ps-51d6900


Samsung D6900, being 3D Ready display, of course, has a number of menus and 3D functions. First, there`s 3D Mode, allows you to choose the type of conversion from 2D to 3D and control 3D Perspective. Immediately option Depth, which is only active in converting 2D content into 3D, and L/R Change, interchanging the images to each eye needed for those who feel uncomfortable with the default settings. Setting 3D Auto View is perfectly defines the type of the received 3D signal.


gratifying to note functional equipment D6900, at a fairly low cost models in this series. Here, as on NDTV upper price range of supported video via USB, which can be used for timeshifting TV programs. It should again be noted that the D6900 is a type of 3D Ready TVs, which in this case means a complete lack of 3D glasses, which must be purchased separately. It is also possible to purchase Wi-Fi module for wireless connection to the Internet.

review plasma televisions samsung d6900 ps-51d6900


review plasma televisions samsung d6900 ps-51d6900


Samsung has already received enough accolades for a new interface to connect to the Internet -Smart Hub. Currently, the D6900 uses a somewhat simplified version without a web browser, compared to more expensive models. Frankly, this is not what the viewer really need when there are many other options to find media content on the Internet.

Primary measurement

Quickly making sure that the image mode Movie together with the hue Warm2, closest to the standards of accuracy of the image, we have begun to adjust brightness or contrast, in order to extend the dynamic range of lighting conditions in our room. And they were very surprised how far default brightness setting from the ideal value, so that the owners D6900 recommend using a good test pattern to check the status at the dimmer. Otherwise, based on our test sample, you can lose a lot of details that are close to black. Contrast also requires careful tuning to avoid clipping when setting the brightness of the screen. So that the test pattern required here. Surprisingly, what is the difference in the image after these seemingly simple and not time-consuming and funding options. After this theoretical introduction, let`s take a look at the results on the TV is not calibrated.

review plasma televisions samsung d6900 ps-51d6900


Picture and, in particular, the skin tone too much warmer, as evidenced by the graph RGB Balance, where the red curve goes everywhere by about 5% higher. Blue first above the ideal level, and then, dropping passes below, it leads to a pretty purple tinge in dark areas of the image. Green curve understated throughout. However, all is not terrible, the initial results from HDTV Samsung Movie mode there are a lot worse. Available regulators should allow to significantly improve the situation.

To achieve accurate color reproduction at the factory settings have been made following the color gamut measurement mode Auto. In order to use color management controls system, you must install the User Mode Custom, which has a slightly different color values, restricted color space and more accurate color brightness.

review plasma televisions samsung d6900 ps-51d6900


It`s pretty successful results for D6900 and although still a few primary colors too bright, with green and red oversaturation common error is still below the threshold of visibility, eliminating red delta below error 3. Red noticeably "aggressive" but may be severely adjusted.

results after calibration

Using original

2 chiseled white balance control, and then for "tuning" the 10-point controller, we were able to achieve very respectable shades of gray and almost perfect gamma characteristics, as can be seen from the chart below:

review plasma televisions samsung d6900 ps-51d6900


The display now looks properly, without extraneous colors and really coming out of the screen plane. However, there is still a slight hint of purple-black color, but it is hardly noticeable, if not to be over critical. It is not often possible to see such a significant improvement in picture quality after choosing the most accurate mode. But after setting D6900 greyscale received a huge benefit. Even though preliminary measurements required only minor corrections of errors.

Available dates

CIE does not require any adjustments to approach the model points, see what failed
achieved using a system CMS:

review plasma televisions samsung d6900 ps-51d6900


Failed to fix green color remained light shade, but honestly, our demos error was almost impossible to notice. Errors in color brightness in all colors were scanty, much lower than 3.

Video Processing

video processing tests are usually trumps Samsung TV upper and middle price ranges, so we were surprised, D6900 could not synchronize the image in the frame sequence 2:2 PAL. The most successful TV only handles NTSC 2:3. Tests for the Blu-ray materials 24p passed without problems, with smooth and flicker-free picture, subject to inclusion of Cinema Smooth image in the options. Scaling was performed in the typical manner of Samsung, ie clean and without ghosting similarly tested and dynamic adaptive deinterlacing.

Samsung looks usually king in passing tests of this type, but can sometimes overly smooth motion and lubricate any part of the image. Fortunately, there are no signs of the first case, but there last. Do not want to dwell on this, but movie buffs may find this fact a problem and it`s understandable. Nevertheless, we believe that the majority of TV owners will not notice this problem and this is evidenced by the many forums. As usual, if you believe that these problems can be important for you to check the TV in the lounge demo. But we can safely say, most viewers will not notice these errors.

image quality in 2D


adjusted image on the screen was reinforced D6900 worthy black level and dynamic range. D6900 plasmas not one of those that are going to set records for the contrast, but it even remotely, no problem, when a dark light. And even otherwise, we are willing to sacrifice some level of black, but with good uniformity of the screen, which we often do not see in many LCD LED displays. To have a benchmark in terms of black level -this plasma is somewhere between Samsung plasmas Panasonic and LG. And, perhaps, closer to the Japanese manufacturer, which now offers the best combination of parameters for plasma model. In some of the previously published reviews on LG PZ950 plasma celebrated specific color mixing process noise dither, which was particularly noticeable with green digital noise in dark areas. Samsung, to some extent, is quite similar. However, it should be emphasized to see these errors on the D6900, you probably need to sit too close to the screen. But due to the gamma curve flattened at D6900 In very good shadow detail and good handling of dynamic scenes. I had previously heard about the presence of more than one D6900 plasma effect by phosphor afterglow, known as Phosphor trailing, but not inclined to celebrate it, in comparison with other plasmas.

Probably the topic of most discussions about plasma TVs this year was the tendency of Panasonic TVs change the average brightness of the image. In some instances it is very noticeable, and attracts the attention of viewers. The bad news is that the D6900 has something similar, but the good news is that, at least on the test specimen effect was observed to a lesser extent than some HDTV Panasonic. We checked how the brightness changes with time, and notice the effect of only a few times in nearly two weeks of daily view, moreover, it was short-lived. Therefore, this deficiency can be considered a minor inconvenience. But the results can vary from model to model. In other words, the resulting image quality was quite good, especially at this price model, and can be seen indulgent treat deficiencies.

In general, we believe, D6900 provides excellent experience when viewing various video from sports to movies, as with HD, and with SD sources.

image quality in 3D

LCD LED TVs Samsung advertised widely in terms of their 3D capabilities and PS-51D6900, of course, is not far behind them in performance. In fact, we have positioned it in the ranking of 3D models with active technology only for TV Panasonic plasma and LCD DT30. Not sure if this comparison is actually relatively passive technology LG Cinema 3D. All the same, in a sense it would be comparing apples to oranges. Choose what you like, as each technology has its advantages.

There are small crosstalk, but we notice them probably only because trying to see. D6900 manages to combine a clear image on the screen with smooth movement and good depth effect in the mode of 3D, also has sufficient anti-glare protection. Sufficiently high brightness output makes it easy to compensate for the absorption of the light flux lenses 3D glasses. Looked quite natural colors in Movie, had to tinker a bit with the white balance controls to get a good tone of the skin. Function 2D to 3D conversion works similarly, as in many other TVs. But it is still worth while to consider somewhat trick; though probably in some games it can work quite well.

Overall, loved the ability to D6900 mode 3D.



difficult to characterize the game to TV mode. D6900 has a fairly comfortable time delay of 31 -36 milliseconds. Personally, I have not experienced any problems because of a slightly elevated compared to my gaming TV, delay, but for dynamic games is better to find another TV. In comparison with previous models, D6900 showed a much lower propensity to demonstrate the residual image and, provided reasonable precautions in the use of logos never remain on the screen. To test the effect of the residual image we spent 4 hours gaming sessions, but despite all the efforts have failed to achieve the appearance on the screen traces of logos.



51-inch plasma display is not too greedy in terms of electricity consumption, PS-51D6900 consumes an average of 240 watts to 320 watts and 2D mode in 3D.


Given the value of this 3D Ready TV with 1080p resolution and image quality, supplemented by a variety of functionality, the model certainly belongs to the category of Best Buy. That Samsung PS-51D6900 with aplomb shows 2D and 3D image only reinforces this title.
We have certain D6900 minor flaws, but what they are not TV?

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