Remotes 55LW650S attached to two. The first -a classic, it is interesting orange backlight, convenient recess under the index finger and the complete absence of "Menu" button."/>
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Overview 3D TV LG Cinema 3D 55LW650S

2015-12-25 00:00:00

External inspection

inch thick at 55 inches diagonally -is impressive. class = ""/>

Remotes 55LW650S attached to two. The first -a classic, it is interesting orange backlight, convenient recess under the index finger and the complete absence of "Menu" button. The latter circumstance is not a joke frustrating, because to get to the picture settings, it is necessary to press the "Home" and furiously to break through the window and piktogrammki. But the second panel on the contrary -the lazy man`s dream: to press almost do not need anything, just waving it in the air like a joystick Nintendo Wii.

 lg 55lw650s

first remote at the TV classic, except that it does not have one of the most relevant buttons -"Menu"

 lg 55lw650s

second remote LG 55LW650S -bummer dream

Rear panel stamped from steel and carries a lot of connectors: four HDMI ports, an optical audio output port and RS232. Two USB connectors that hints at the lack of built-in WiFi-adapter. By the way, for this class of device is less conspicuous, which is explained by the reluctance of manufacturers to turn television into radio transmitter -so you can avoid unnecessary problems with licensing and customs.

 lg 55lw650s

Despite the small thickness of the body, behind the analog stick "tulips" -touching concern for lovers of vintage irons


Having carefully considered

dimensional version Burton "Alice in Wonderland", I realized that the name Cinema 3D is not just appeared in the inflamed minds of marketers, but has real technical justification. Even with the default picture soft but not in any way a cotton!, With smooth tonal transitions and shadows deep enough. On the qualitative signal nor the slightest hint of noise in the "dark corners" is not observed. The only thing that is required to do -once and for all to turn off the power saving mode, for contrast and killed spontaneously changing the brightness of the goals and objectives of these moviegoers somehow do not mix.

Test table showed uniformity and neutrality transitions from white to black, and excellent concepts for LCD panels color accuracy. Particularly pleased with the correct transitions between pastel and saturated red and pink tones -so beloved of filmmakers sunset scenery telly shows as necessary.

permit static picture was about 890 lines in the dynamics of it, of course, falls, but only slightly. For proper transmission of motion system responds here TruMotion, which increases vertical frequency to 200 Hz. With their work, it does a very good, the only complaint -a slight ghosting of moving objects contrasting border. However, consider it for real picture can only be a very strong desire.

third dimension

Well, we got to the most exciting moment. Take out my glasses -complete with 55LW650S their entire four pieces, and mentally congratulate designer brands with a new source of income -have no doubt that if passive 3D go to the masses, very soon we are waiting for fashionable sunglasses with surround channels. Nothing complicated integration polarizers in consumer optics not, moreover, Polaroid dealt with this when about any 3D nobody never heard of.

But back to harsh reality. It Cinema 3D glasses are molded from plastic unpretentious, weighs only 16 grams and, as expected, do not contain any electronic components.

 lg 55lw650s

Cinema 3D Glasses on the nose sit easily and comfortably, but for children obviously need razmerchik smaller


dimensional release "How to Train Your Dragon," extinguish the light, and realize that the active 3D-technology really came ... no, not a murderer, but a very serious competitor and toothy.

First, three-dimensional image does not twitch. At all. Jitter is not noticeable even on a subconscious level for the simple reason that there is nothing to shake -at any time with both eyes open. Another trump Cinema 3D -less loss of luminous flux due to the higher 10-20 percent polarizers transparency in comparison with LCD shutter and again, because of the perception of pictures with two eyes.


tape stuck on the screen 3D Light Boost which, apparently, is to compensate the loss of light from the other films, located immediately -polarization.

As a result

dynamic range image brightness turns wide enough so the picture looks more natural and harmonious. With viewing angles are no special problems, as with the viewer`s head position relative to the horizon: the circular polarization something, so that the volume effect can be observed, taking on the couch most bizarre postures.

After so much honey, it`s time livanut the barrel a little fly, good, run far behind him is not necessary. The weakest spot Cinema 3D -vertical picture resolution, twice for each eye understated relative to the standard 1080 lines. As a result, on the borders of three-dimensional objects sometimes appear characteristic "steps". But about Cross Talk, ie a doubling of volume of items you can safely forget as frames, destined for different eyes, can not intersect at all. Regarding another typical 3D-problems -destruction surround effect with fast motion, then there is a new technology, it seems, did not create a miracle -as is the case with shutter glasses for three-dimensional characters megadinamichnyh scenes sometimes considerably lubricated.


multimedia features our subject, frankly, not hurt, since it was built on a new Internet platform LG Smart TV.


Well, we can congratulate the emergence of a fundamentally new type of 3D-TV set. What does this mean? Correctly, that the choice of a three-dimensional panel now become even more complicated and confusing. But depressed should not at least because the process is clearly in the right direction. Hardly the first generation of 3D-equipment had to change the second, and the developers have already found a way to fight radical with some of the most problematic aspects of home trehmerki -twins volumetric images and flickering images. True, some may notice that instead of them was introduced one new -low vertical resolution. So the pessimists we answer that LG from day to day to lay Cinema 3D TV sets new firmware, which will fundamentally change the mapping algorithm frames and if you believe the announcements of the situation with a "comb" on the edges of the relief items should improve drastically.

In short, if it will continue at the same pace, the theatrical quality of the 3D will get to our apartment very soon. If filmmakers certainly did not come up something new ...

Source: Www. nomobile. ru Author: Alexey Egorov Features: LG 55LW650S Manufacturer Model Dynamic Contrast Response Time backlight Essential standards Support 3D Dimensions/weight Price
Diagonal 55 "
Resolution 1920x1080 Full HD
9000 000:1
2 ms.
LED, edge
Sound 2 x 10 Watt, Dolby Digital, Infinite 3D, Clear Voice II
1297h785h29, 9 mm/22 kg
117,990 rubles.

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