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Review apple imac 21.5


    Review Apple iMac 21,5 ": beauty demands victims

    Review apple imac 21.5

    In 1998, Apple Computer introduced the first iMac, which, thanks to its bright and unique design has been gaining popularity, but did not become financially successful. After nearly 15 years of modern iMac is the complete opposite of the first version. It is made in the case of aluminum and has a design that can brighten any room. But what really represents the new iMac, an expensive toy or is it a modern computer for work and entertainment? Let's try to figure out the example of the youngest in the line iMac model with a 21.5-inch diagonal display.

    Design and construction

    The new iMac is much like its predecessor, it is made in monoblock aluminum body and glass.

    Review apple imac 21.5

    But this time, Apple has used an interesting design method. Housing iMac, which houses the display, tapering towards the edges (up to 5 mm), so at first glance it seems that Apple has managed to hold components in an incredibly small space.

    Review apple imac 21.5

    But in fact, closer to the center of the case becomes thicker, so the company's designers have managed to create only an optical illusion, the illusion of ultrathin iMac does not exist yet.

    But even in this computer design looks very nice, and the effect is generally small thickness is breathtaking in the first minutes of dating.

    IMac enclosure carved from a single piece of aluminum, which covers all the back and bottom of the front panel. Fromthesamematerialmadestand.

    Review apple imac 21.5

    The display occupies almost the entire front part of the body and covered with protective glass. Ventilation holes in the casing of two one is located on the back of the stand just below the mount, and the second at all rendered in the lower end of the housing. There'salsoplacedandstereoaudiosystem.

    Review apple imac 21.5

    Fortunately or unfortunately, but in the new design was no place for an optical drive. So I stopped using it two years ago, then write it down in the benefits.

    Stand back cover is attached in the middle, and adjusts the slope of the display only, but not high. You can raise the screen higher, if only to substitute anything for himself iMac. The angle of display is regulated in a small range. Adjustment is very soft, and does not require much effort. If we talk about the appearance of the iMac as a whole, it is by far one of the best examples of modern industrial design. The computer can easily fit into almost any decor. Display

    As I tested was installed iMac 21.5-inch IPS display with LED-backlit. It has excellent color reproduction and viewing angles. Screen Resolution in Full HD (1920x1080 pixels) and at a diagonal 21.5 "with a working distance of the pixels it is not visible.

    Review apple imac 21.5

    The display itself is a 5 mm thinner than the previous iMac, and designed as a complete lamination technology, which allows you to remove the air gap of 2 mm between the glass and the matrix.

    Review apple imac 21.5

    In Apple boast that they were able to create the first screen of this size with the use of this technology. Its use is also possible to reduce the amount of glare on the screen. Since the air gap is gone, stop light reflected from LED panel lights, and from the back surface of the cover glass. In this case, Apple engineers managed to reduce the reflection of light from the front surface of the glass, using the method of plasma spraying. Thus, the protective glass iMac is covered by a very thin layer of silicon dioxide and niobium pentoxide, which reduced the reflectivity of the glass, but did not affect the color accuracy.

    Review apple imac 21.5

    Backlit display iMac has 16 steps of adjustment in manual mode, but can also be adjusted automatically by the light sensor, which is located next to the webcam FaceTime HD (1280x720 pixels).

    In general, this display is perfect for everyday use at home and at work. Also, it is well calibrated,

    That like photographers and designers.


    I arrived at the test model iMac, equipped with a 4-core Intel Core i5 processor with a frequency of 2.7 GHz (up to 3.2 GHz mode Turbo Boost), 8 GB of DDR3 1600 MHz memory, hard drive, 1 TB and NVIDIA GeForce graphics card GT 640M with 512 MB of memory GDDR5. The performance of this configuration will be enough for most tasks, but with the "notebook" GeForce GT 640M graphics card can even run modern games, but of course, not at the maximum setting. Slightly spoils the picture of the performance of the disk system, this version of the iMac, though a hard drive to 1TB, but the spin rate reaches only 5400 / m As a result, recording speed of the HDD, according to the test Blackmagic, is 92.6 MB / s and the reading - 93.3 Mb / s. This is a modest result, especially considering that it is a desktop computer.

    Review apple imac 21.5

    Since the iMac enclosure in one piece, self-expand the configuration will be problematic, if not

    Impossible at home.


    In the iMac is quite a wide range of connectors, which is not quite in the style of Apple. All of them are located at the rear of the chassis, making it very difficult to access them. In order not to get out of the workplace and do not rotate the display, the connectors will have to look to the touch, it is very inconvenient.

    Review apple imac 21.5

    So, the new iMac has a 3.5 mm headphone jack, slot SDXC, just four port USB 3.0, two Thunderbolt connectors and one Gigabit Ethernet. The latter can be used to connect to the Internet, but also in the iMac is a module Wi-Fi b / g / n. What is missing in this abundance, so this connector HDMI, which is Apple like and do not like, but at the MacBook Pro Retina set, and therefore could and iMac. Still possible to connect it to your TV without adapters would not be superfluous. Keyboard and mouse

    The set comes with the iMac wireless keyboard and mouse Magic Mouse, which connects to a computer via Bluetooth 4.0.

    The layout of the keyboard is a complete copy of the complete layout of notebook keyboards Apple.

    Review apple imac 21.5

    It has a compact design without digital unit and is made in an aluminum casing with a glossy plastic base and frosted white plastic buttons.

    Review apple imac 21.5

    Apple laptop users to get used to the keyboard do not have to, but the rest will need to take some time getting used to.

    Magic Mouse, made its debut in 2009, and still comes complete with iMac. Even in the time of its release it was not the best mouse.

    Review apple imac 21.5

    With a great design, Magic Mouse can not offer the user any good ergonomics or responsiveness in the work.

    Review apple imac 21.5

    The only thing really worth keeping this mouse is support for gestures in OS Mountain Lion, otherwise, there are a number of models that will be more convenient to use. Operating system

    Apple iMac is a good example of the symbiosis of design and technology, who want to see more often in today's IT industry. Laconic and finished style will definitely stand out from the competition iMac. However, for the sake of design, ergonomics donated, connectors on the case will have to find by touch. In addition, the disk subsystem performance lags behind the capabilities of the other components. But in general, iMac - it is a great computer that is suitable for both work and home, and thus can be a nice part of the interior.

    Apple iMac 21.5 "new MD093


    Computer (monoblock)




    Intel Core i5 quad-core

    Frequency, GHz




    Mac OS X

    The amount of RAM, MB




    Harddisk, GB


    Thevolume SSD, GB




    Hard drive speed, rev. / Min



    NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M

    MemorySize, MB









    4xUSB 3.0, 2xThunderbolt, mini-DisplayPort, audio






    21.5 "









    Power PSU, VA / W



    Webcam FaceTime HD, Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0.Supplied with an Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Mouse,


    - Design

    - Build Quality

    - Display

    - Performance

    - Quiet operation

    - Loud speakers Do not like it

    - Stand alone governs the slope of the display

    - All ports are put to the back of the body

    - Slow disk subsystem

    - Complete Mouse

    - No HDMI

    - Automatically replace parts will be problematic


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