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MMS messages Acer Liquid E2 Duo V370


    MMS messages are similar to text messages but also allow you to attach multimedia files such as pictures, audio or video clips. Each MMS message can be up to 300 kB in size.

    Tip: Ask your network provider for the necessary information if you need to manually set up the MMS profile.

    Receiving MMS messages

    When a new MMS message arrives, a message icon appears at the top of the screen and a notification message is displayed.

    1. Open Messaging to view a summary of the message.

    2. Tap Download To download the message content.

    Note: You need to set up an MMS profile before you can send MMS messages. Normally, your smartphone will set up the profile for you based on information retrieved from your provider.

    Note: Downloads can take a long time, depending on your connection quality. If you reply or open another application, the download will be stopped.

    Important: You may be charged to download message content, especially if you are roaming. Please contact your provider if you have any questions.

    3. Tap the message to view the content.

    4. To reply to the message, enter Your text in the text box labeled Type message and tap the Send icon. Simple text replies will be sent as SMS messages. If you wish to

    Attach a file, tapMMS messages Acer Liquid E2 Duo V370 . You will be presented with a menu of options.

    5. When you have finished composing the message, tap the Menu Button and tap Send.

    MMS messages Acer Liquid E2 Duo V370


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