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How to use the touchscreen Acer Liquid E2 Duo V370


    Your smartphone uses a touchscreen for selecting items and entering information. Use your finger to tap the screen.

    Tap: Touch the screen once to open items and select options.

    Drag: Hold your finger on the screen and drag across the screen to select text and


    Tap and hold: Tap and hold an item to see a list of actions available for that item. On the pop-up menu that appears, tap the action you want to perform.

    Scroll: To scroll up or down the screen, simply drag your finger up or down the screen in the direction that you want to scroll.

    Android keyboard

    This is a standard onscreen QWERTY keyboard that allows you to enter text. Tap and hold a key with numbers at the top to select alternative characters, such as letters with accents.

    Tap the ?123 Button to see numbers and special characters, and then tap the ALT Key to see evenHow to use the touchscreen Acer Liquid E2 Duo V370 more.

    You can choose another input language by tapping and holding the comma key. Alternatively, you can open the Application Menu and then tap Settings > Language & input. Then tap the Settings Button next to "Android keyboard" > Input languages. The keyboard layout changes according to the selected language.

    After setting up more than one language, the world button appears next to the space bar. Tap this button to quickly toggle between multiple input languages.How to use the touchscreen Acer Liquid E2 Duo V370

    Text assistance

    The Android keyboard has various features that assist you to enter correct text. In the Application Menu, tap Settings > Language & input And then tap the Settings Button to the right of Android keyboard. From here you can enable or disable several keyboard-related settings.

    Changing the text input method

    To change the input method, in the Application Menu tap Settings > Language & input > Default And then select your preferred input method.

    Predictive text

    Both Swype and Android keyboard provide predictive text input for the browser. As you tap the letters of a word, a selection of words are displayed above the keyboard that continue the sequence of letters tapped, or are a close match allowing for errors. The word list changes after every key press. If the word you need is displayed, you can tap on it to insert it into your text.


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