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FAQ and troubleshooting Acer Liquid E2 Duo V370


    This section lists frequently asked questions that may arise during the use of your smartphone, and gives easy answers and solutions to these questions.





    Why is there no sound coming from the device?

    If the headset is plugged into the device, the speaker is automatically shut off. Disconnect the headset.

    Check that the device volume setting is not muted.

    Check that the volume control is not at its lowest setting.

    Multimedia files

    Why can't I view my video files?

    You may be trying to view a video that is not supported.

    Why can't I play my music files?

    You may be trying to play a file that is not supported.


    Information and performance

    How do I check the OS version of my device?

    Tap Settings > About phone To check the OS version (Build number) and other hardware and software information.


    I can't turn on the device.

    The battery power may be depleted. Recharge the device.


    How do I check the

    RAM and ROM

    Memory status?

    To check the ROM status, tap Settings > Storage.

    To check RAM status, tap Settings > Apps > RUNNING.

    Internal storage

    My device's available internal storage is full or almost full.

    Uninstall applications to increase available storage.




    Unlock pattern

    I forgot my unlock pattern.

    After a certain number of wrong entries, you will be presented with an option to reset your pattern. Tap Forgot pattern? And enter your google account username and password.

    Note: You must have an active Google account on the smartphone.

    Alternatively, you restore your smartphone to factory settings.


    The phone heats up when charging or making long duration

    It is normal for the phone to heat up when charging. When charging is complete, it will return to its normal temperature.


    It is also normal for the phone to heat up during long periods of use, such as watching a video or a long phone conversation.

    Other sources of help

    I For information on:

    Refer to: I

    Up-to-date information regarding your

    Www. acer. com


    Mobile. acer. com

    Service enquiries

    Www. acer. co m/support


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