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Accessories and tips Acer Liquid E2 Duo V370


    This chapter shows you how to use accessories with your smartphone, as well as provide useful tips for when you are using your smartphone.

    Using the headset

    Your smartphone is compatible with Acer headsets with built-in microphone for handsfree use when making calls.

    To use the headset, plug it into the 3.5 mm headphone jack at the top of the phone.

    When the headset is plugged in, all audio is routed to the headset, and the speakers are turned off.

    • To answer an incoming call, press the button on the microphone.

    • Adjust the volume using the volume up/down button on the smartphone.

    • End the call by pressing the button again.

    Using a Bluetooth headset

    Your smartphone's Bluetooth functions make it fully compatible with all Bluetooth headsets. This allows you to use the unit handsfree when making calls, without the inconvenience of wires.

    Creating a new access point

    When you need to add another GPRS/3G/EDGE connection on your phone, obtain the access point name and settings (including username and password if required) from your wireless service provider.

    1. Open the Application menu and tap Settings > More... > Mobile networks > Access Point Names, And select an operator.

    2. Tap the Menu Button and then tap New APN.

    3. Enter the APN settings. Tap an item to adjust it.

    4. When you have finished tap the Menu Button and then tap Save.

    Inserting a microSD Card

    Your smartphone features a memory expansion slot that accepts a microSD Card to expand memory and storage capacity.

    Please refer to "Installing a SIM or microSD Card" on page 8 For instructions on installing a microSD Card.

    IMportant: Some providers and countries do not allow the use of a smartphone as a modem over HSDPA. Please check with your provider before attempting to do so.


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