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The Idle screen ICONIA SMART S300


    When you start your smartphone, or wake it from power saving, it will display the Idle screen. This screen protects your smartphone from accidental access and gives you quick access to information and simple controls with widgets. These display information such as the time or weather, or provide additional controls. Some have been pre-installed on your smartphone, while others may be downloaded from the Android Market.

    The Idle screen ICONIA SMART S300

    Adding or removing widgets

    To add widgets, tap the menu button or open the applications menu and tap Home Decor, then select Idle Screen. Tap and hold on the screen to open a list

    Of available widgets.

    To reposition a widget, tap and hold the widget. You may then drag the widget to any point on the grid.

    A red background indicates that the widget may not be placed in the chosen position, usually because widgets may not overlap. A green background indicates the position can be used.

    The Idle screen ICONIA SMART S300

    Drag the widget to the left or right edge of the screen to add it to either extended screen. Drag it to the trash icon to remove it from the screen.

    Recent apps

    To access recently opened apps while working on another process, press and hold the home button.

    The Idle screen ICONIA SMART S300

    The Home screen

    After rebooting, your smartphone will display the home screen. This screen gives you quick, icon-based access to many of the frequently used features of your smartphone.

    At the bottom of the screen is the application dock which displays default applications. Tap an icon to open the application. Drag the application dock towards the top of the screen to see the applications menu. To change applications, see "Changing application dock icons" on page 22.

    The Idle screen ICONIA SMART S300

    The extended Home screen

    The Home screen extends to either side of the screen, giving you more room to add icons, widgets or features. To view the extended screen, slide your finger to the left or right.

    The Idle screen ICONIA SMART S300

    Adding or removing icons

    You can set icons for installed applications on the Home screen. Tap and hold an icon in the Applications menu to copy it to the Home screen. To remove an icon from the Home screen, tap and drag the icon from the Home screen to the X mark that appears at the bottom of the screen.


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