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Shooting a video ICONIA SMART S300


    1. Frame your subject and steady your smartphone and zoom in or out as needed.

    2. TapShooting a video ICONIA SMART S300 To start recording. Tap or press again to stop recording.

    Supported formats






    MPEG-4, H.263, H.264

    Viewing photos and videos

    After you have taken your photo or video, it is automatically saved.

    Once you have taken a photo or video, you can view it in Gallery by tapping

    Shooting a video ICONIA SMART S300 In the lower left corner. Alternatively, open the Applications menu and tap Gallery. From Gallery you can share the file directly using various services. You can also view your photos and videos using nemoPlayer.

    Note: Share options vary depending on the file type.


    Geotagging allows you to store the location where a photo was taken right in the photo itself.

    For geotag to display, pictures must be taken with Store Location activated in the camera settings.

    To view the geotag, open the picture in the Gallery. Press the Menu button and tap More, then tap Show on map.

    Putting your smartphone in Airplane mode

    You can enter Airplane mode (also known as flight mode) to turn off telephone and Bluetooth functions and use your smartphone as a handheld device during a flight. Check with your airline to make sure this is permitted onboard.

    Switch your smartphone off during takeoff and landing as it may interfere with aircraft electronic systems.

    Turning Airplane mode on or off

    1. Press and hold the power button until you get the phone options menu.

    2. Tap Airplane mode to switch it ON or OFF.

    Shooting a video ICONIA SMART S300

    Note: When Airplane mode is active, the Shooting a video ICONIA SMART S300 Icon will be displayed in the Notification area.


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