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Making a call ICONIA SMART S300


    Note: The phone function needs to be enabled before the call can be connected.

    1. From the Home screen tap Dialer or open Dialer from the menu.

    2. Enter the number you wish to dial.

    3. TapMaking a call ICONIA SMART S300 To make the call.

    4. To end the call, tap End Call.

    Making a call ICONIA SMART S300

    Smart search

    Smart search allows you to quickly find a contact from the phone keypad. As you enter a number, if it is already known, it will find appropriate contacts and display them in the list above the keypad. Also, instead of typing a phone number, you may enter the contact name using the predictive text letters (2 for 'a', 'b' or 'c'; 3 or 'd', 'e' or 'f'; etc.). If the letter combinations match a contact name, it will be displayed.

    If the contact you need is displayed, simply tap the contact name to make a call.

    Viewing missed calls

    Missed calls will be displayed by the call indicator in the Notification area with theMaking a call ICONIA SMART S300 Icon.

    1. Open the notification list by tapping the Notification area to display the details of the missed calls.

    2. Select the call from the list and tap Return call to return the missed call.

    You can save phone numbers to your contacts list from the Call Log. Please refer to "Adding a contact" on page 23 for further details.

    Dialing a number from the call log

    Tap the Dialer to view your call history. It displays recent received, dialed, and missed calls.

    Tap the number to redial. You may also tap and hold the number to open a menu with other options: Call <the number>; View contact; Edit number before call; Send text message; Add to contacts or Remove from call log.

    Making a call to one of your contacts

    1. Tap the Contacts tab in the dialer or Contacts from the Home screen to view your contacts.

    2. Tap a contact. A dialog will open, asking if you want to Call the contact or send the contact an SMS.

    Dialing an international number

    When dialing international numbers, there is no need to enter the international direct dialing prefix ('00' etc.) before the country code. Simply tap and hold 0+ on the onscreen number pad until + appears onscreen.

    Speed Dial

    You may add a contact to a Speed Dial number on the phone keypad. Open the Phone tab, then tap and hold any number from 2 through 9 (1 is reserved for the voicemail service).

    Select OK, then select a contact from the list. If the contact has more than one phone number, select the number to use.

    If a key has a speed dial contact defined, it will show a small contact image as a reminder. Tap and hold the key to call the speed dial number.

    If you want to remove or change a speed dial number, tap Menu and select Speed dial. Tap an entry to remove or change the assigned telephone number.

    Warning: International call rates can vary greatly depending on the country you are calling and your network provider. We suggest you check all call rates with your network provider, to avoid excessive phone bills. If you are using your smartphone abroad, roaming charges will apply. Consult your network provider for roaming rates specific to the country you are visiting before you leave.

    The voice call screen

    Once you have dialed your number the voice call screen appears, which displays the number/contact you are talking to, the call duration and the dialpad tab.

    Answering or declining a call

    When you have an incoming call, the number will be shown on the screen. To accept or decline the call, tap the appropriate button.

    Making a call ICONIA SMART S300

    If you are answering a call from a locked state, slide the bar to answer the call. To reject a call from a locked state, press the power button.

    Making a call ICONIA SMART S300

    Ending a call

    To end a call, press End Call from the voice call screen.

    Voice call options

    Making a call ICONIA SMART S300


    1 Description

    Making a call ICONIA SMART S300

    Place the call on hold.

    Making a call ICONIA SMART S300

    Mute a call.

    Making a call ICONIA SMART S300


    Making a call ICONIA SMART S300

    Access the keypad while a call is in progress.

    Making a call ICONIA SMART S300

    Add a second call.

    Making a call ICONIA SMART S300

    Bluetooth headset.

    Saving a dialed number to contacts

    You can save a number you have dialed to your contacts for future use.

    1. Select the number from the Call log tab, and tap Add to contacts.

    2. Tap Create new contact and select how to complete the action. Please refer to "Adding a contact" on page 23.

    Conference calls

    If you have one call on hold and another on line, you can combine both calls to create a conference call.

    After the first call is established, tapMaking a call ICONIA SMART S300 To add a second call. TapMaking a call ICONIA SMART S300 To start the conference call.

    Making a call ICONIA SMART S300

    You can place and receive Internet calls over wireless network.

    Adding an Internet calling account

    Tap Settings > Call settings > Accounts. Tap Add account, and input the Username, Password, and Server accounts. You can also configure optional settings such as Display name, Outbound proxy address, Port number, Transport type, and Send keep-alive.

    Editing or removing an Internet calling account

    Open an existing Internet calling account and make the edits you want on the SIP account details. Press the Menu button and tap Save to save your changes, or Discard. Or tap Remove account to delete the existing account.

    Using Internet calling

    You can configure your phone to use Internet calling (when you're connected to Wi-Fi) for all calls, only for Internet calls, or to ask each time you place a call.

    Receiving Internet calls

    You can configure your phone to receive Internet calls made to an Internet calling account you added to your phone. To receive Internet calls, tap Settings > Call settings > Accounts. Make sure the Receive incoming calls box is checked.

    Calling a contact's Internet calling address

    You must add an Internet calling address to a contact to be able to place an Internet call to them.

    To make an Internet call, open your contact list and tap the contact icon, then tap the SIP iconMaking a call ICONIA SMART S300

    Calling a phone number using Internet calling

    If you have configured your phone to place all calls using Internet calling or to ask for each call, you may also call a phone number using Internet call, whenever you are connected to a wireless network.

    Dial the number and tapMaking a call ICONIA SMART S300 , or select the contact you wish to place a call to, then tap the Internet call account you want to use to make the call.

    Important: Calling a phone number using Internet calling requires that your service provider supports it, and may incur additional charges. Please contact your service provider if you have any questions.

    This chapter shows you how to set up and use the Phone messages, Social messages and Social events functions of your smartphone.

    All SMS and MMS messages are accessed via Messaging. Messaging automatically arranges received and sent messages into threads.

    To access Messaging tap Messaging on the Home screen.


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