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Connecting to a PC ICONIA SMART S300


    Note: Download and install the latest USB drivers on your computer before connecting your device to the computer.

    Visit www. acer. com/worldwide/support/download. htm for the latest drivers.

    If you wish to transfer information between the microSD Card in your phone and your computer, you can connect your phone to a PC using the supplied USB cable. Plug the USB sync cable into the micro USB connector on your smartphone. Plug the USB client connector into an available USB port on your computer.

    Pull down the notification bar, and tap USB Connected. Tap Turn on USB storage.

    You will now be able to see your phone's internal memory, and any microSD Card in your phone, as two separate drives in your computer's file explorer.

    Note: After turning on USB storage, you can not use your phone to access the files in internal memory or the microSD card, or applications such as Gallery or Music.

    Connecting to a PC ICONIA SMART S300


    You can sync your calendar, email and contacts on your phone and never worry about losing them again. Sync in real time or adjust it as you please. Tap Menu > Settings > Accounts & sync to access the synchronization settings.

    To have your smartphone auto-sync, make sure Background data and Auto-sync are checked.

    To manage synchronization of individual accounts, tap an account to see their settings.

    Google Sync

    In Google, you can set synchronization for contacts, email and calendar. Tap to checkmark an item you would like to have auto-sync. Tap again to uncheck any for manual synchronization.

    To manually synchronize an item, tap the item.

    Connecting to a PC ICONIA SMART S300

    Note: You need a Google account to sync your calendar and appointments.

    Acer Sync

    Acer Sync allows you to easily synchronize your contacts, calendar, photos and videos between your smartphone, PC and corresponding Google services. Download and install Acer Sync and Acer PIM for the PC from mobile. acer. com.


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