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Browsing the Internet ICONIA SMART S300


    In order to browse the Internet with your smartphone, you must be connected to a data or wireless network.

    Using the browser

    Tap Browser on the Home screen to start browsing. To open a new website, tap the address box at the top of the page. Enter the address using the keyboard and tap Go.

    To view your browsing history, bookmarks or frequently visited sites, open the browser then press and hold the back button.

    Browsing the Internet ICONIA SMART S300

    You may open multiple pages. When a page is open, press the Menu button and tap New window from the menu that opens. Tap Windows to view all the windows that are open.

    You can zoom in or out of pages using the zoom bar that appears when you tap the screen. Tap and hold an item on a page to open a contextual menu.

    Tip: Some websites automatically provide pages optimized for viewing on mobile devices. These sites may allow you to switch to the desktop version; look for a 'desktop version' link on the main page.

    Adobe Flash support

    Your smartphone supports Adobe Flash content, as used on many websites. Visit the Android Market to download Adobe Flash Player.

    Voice Search

    Note: Voice search is available only in some regions.

    With voice actions, you can send text messages, place calls, send emails, find directions of establishments, automatically call establishments, search the Internet and even send a note to yourself using your voice. Open Voice Search from the Applications menu, or press and hold the Search button. Press and hold the Search button again to display the "Speak now" prompt, and state your command.

    1. Make sure your smartphone is connected to a data or Wi-Fi connection.

    2. From the Applications menu tap Gmail.

    If you did not enter your Gmail account address and password when you first started your phone, follow the on screen instructions.

    1. Make sure your smartphone is connected to a data or Wi-Fi connection.

    2. From the Home screen tap Gmail.

    3. Press the Menu button and then tap Compose.

    4. Enter the recipient's email address, the subject and message.

    5. When you are finished composing your message, tap Send.

    Browsing the Internet ICONIA SMART S300

    Setting up Gmail

    Composing an email

    Setting up Email

    Your smartphone enables you to access your email. Most popular ISPs can be set up in two steps. Tap Email to start setting up your email account.

    If necessary, enter your email address and tap Manual setup to enter the parameters manually. Tap Next to finish the setup process.

    Browsing the Internet ICONIA SMART S300

    Android market

    Note: The Android Market may not be available in all countries and regions.

    Note: You need to have a Google account set up and active on your phone before you can use the Android Market.

    Tap Market from the Applications menu to open the Android Market. Here you can obtain a variety of add-on programs and applications to enhance the functionality of your smartphone. The first time you access the Android Market, you will need to read and accept the Terms of Service.

    You can browse the market by category or tap the search icon to search for a specific application.

    Once you have selected an application, tap the Install button to download and install the application. You will be told which services on your phone that the application has access to. Tap OK to proceed with the installation.

    You may keep track of the download progress from the Notification Area.

    Browsing the Internet ICONIA SMART S300

    Important: Some applications may require payment before you can download them. You will need to have a Google Checkout account in order to pay for these applications.

    Uninstalling downloaded applications

    Once you've downloaded and installed an application, you may uninstall the application by tapping Settings from the Applications menu. Select Applications > Manage applications. Tap the application you wish to uninstall, tap Uninstall and confirm the uninstall.


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