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3D LED TV Philips 40PFL8605H Net TV
LCD TV PHILIPS 40PFL8605 40 inch diagonal and Full HD 3D Ready. Ambilight Spectra 2. Panel Resolution 1920 x 1080p Brightness 500 cd/m2, response time of 1 ms, the viewing angle of 176 degrees, the dynamic contrast ratio of 50,000 x 1. Speakers 2 x 10 watts.

New Google TV device BRAVIA Smart Stick from Sony
After leaks from the Federal Communications Agency and a brief preview of this week, Sony has officially announced the NSZ-GU1. New Google TV device BRAVIA Smart Stick is similar in functionality to the previous model consoles Google TV. Keychain with the ability to connect via USB and MHL works with Sony HDTV 2013 release and later.

TV Review LG 42LM660T
Pros: Juicy and deep black levels Warm pleasing colors Excellent sound quality wide range of functions for multimedia and internet Excellent implementation of passive 3D-technology Cons: Partly loss of detail on the darker areas There is noise when you display images in a format SD LG 42LM660T television receiver with a screen diagonal of 42 inches released in 2012.

Xbox 720
Microsoft sent out invitations to the presentation of its new generation gaming console -Xbox 720. Announcement devaysa held on May 21 at 21:00 Moscow time.

3D LED TV Samsung UE40F6400
Model Samsung UE40F6400AK capable of hitting the user great quality image with a clear portrayal of the contours and natural colors. Processor 3D Hyper Real Engine technology in conjunction with Wide Color Enhancer Plus, Mega Dynamic Contrast, Clear Motion Rate 200 Hz provides perfect reproduction of images in 2D and 3D, which impresses with its clean lines and smooth motion when displaying moving scenes.

Skype to normal TV
: 2 How to connect to Skype regular television? .. Popularity service Skype continues to grow rapidly. It is used for business meetings, remote consultations, protection degree projects -and, of course, communication with relatives.

Overview 3D TV LG Cinema 3D 55LW650S
External inspection inch thick at 55 inches diagonally -is impressive. class = ""/> Remotes 55LW650S attached to two. The first -a classic, it is interesting orange backlight, convenient recess under the index finger and the complete absence of "Menu" button.

Apple television may be on sale in 2012
MOSCOW, October 24 -RIA Novosti. Apple is working on a prototype of the TV, the sales of which, presumably, will begin in 2012, the website AppleInsider citing Gene Munster Gene Munster from analyst firm Piper Jaffray & Co. Experts have long predicted that Apple is developing its own model of TV, but this information is not officially confirmed.

LED TV LG 47LV370S SmartTV
LED TV LG 47LV370S lineup 2011 c-screen 47", high-resolution Full HD 1920x1080, highly dynamic 2.000.000:1 contrast, full viewing angle of 178 degrees has a modern design, and technical ability to access the Internet-enabled features Smart TV. In functional novelties LG 47LV370S system includes 24p Real Cinema, which provides film screenings with their natural rate of 24 frames per second, which in turn is fully consistent with the original.

3D-TVs Ultra-D. Enjoying 3D without glasses
At IFA 2012 the company Stream TV Networks presented a line of Ultra-D TVs with a resolution of 2160p. A distinctive feature of these TVs is that they can look into the 3D-mode without having to wear glasses.

New Line Blu-ray player Sony
Sony has introduced new models of Blu-ray players -Sony BDP-S1100, BDP-S4100 and BDP-S5100. They have a large set of functions and different original design. Clearly defined lines of the hull reflect the stylistic concept of Sense of Quartz, implemented in the new line of BRAVIA TVs in 2013.

Smart TV TV Samsung UE32ES5500
LED-TV SAMSUNG UE32ES5500 sensor has a unique Eco Sensor, which measures the level of light in the room and automatically adjusts screen brightness. In a well-lit room the screen brightness increases and decreases-in dimly lit.

Budget Ultra HDTV from LG
Special Correspondent September 29, 2013 News One comment The exhibition CEDIA 2013, LG has made several interesting statements, the first of which was the announcement of the new Ultra HD TV with edge LED backlight.

TelyHD - Skype via HD-TV
Young company Tely Labs has integrated popular communications software Skype into a compact device called TelyHD. According to the manufacturer, the new product allows the consumer to use the video calls from your living room by connecting the device to the TV. TelyHD is compatible with most HD-TVs.

TV in the digital age. Ways of Development
I see several large areas in which there is now a lack of understanding of how television will evolve and how it will be closed to the Net. Plug begin with a simple. The first uncertainty -this carrier.

Apple TV in Russia
December was rich in "apple" new items. Following the iPhone 5 and iPad mini, in Russia began official sales Apple TV Another device from Apple has come to Russia. Since December 25, began selling Apple TV set-top boxes in some stores.

Installing applications on TV SAMSUNG 2013 smart tv
: 7 Author: mik Blog: Forex: trying to make. Now the main thing, How to configure IP-TV on Samsung smart tv 2013 , after an extensive search for a solution to the problem setting, found a way which made it possible to configure IP-TV on my samsung 2013.

Streaming video Yota Play
By analytical indicators at the end of January 2013 the average number of unique visitors to the service, including the owners of mobile devices has made more than 2.5 million people a month.

LED LCD TV Review Sony HX929/HX920
: 2 LCD TVs Sony HX929 HX920, HX923 and HX925 are made using the most advanced technology and is the flagship company in the lineup HDTV Sony TV in 2011.

LG is another application on TVs LG Cinema 3D Smart TV: MAF - Playbill holding "Music lover»
Company LG Electronics LG is another application on TVs LG Cinema 3D Smart TV: MAF -Playbill holding "I listen to anything." This is the fourth local application for LG TVs, along with the previously launched applications CPC, KIWI.

LED TV Samsung UE40D5520 Smart Hub
The TV Samsung UE40D5520 is used revolutionary technology dubbed LED, based on the use of LEDs for backlighting. The proposed technical solutions have allowed to create a TV with a record thickness of 2.99 cm only! Function Wide Color Enhancer Plus allows you to expand the palette of color reproduction, thereby transferred most subtle shades of color and the image appears more vibrant and natural.

Overview Plasma TVs Samsung D6900 PS-51D6900
: 3 Traditionally Samsung TVs of the 6-series model are in the company hierarchy between the flagship product of the middle class and a TV, while having a more competitive prices of the functionality of a top-level models.

Samsung introduced a webcam for Smart TV
Company Samsung Electronics presented on the Russian market webcam CY-STC1100 for TV Samsung Smart TV . It is compatible with LED-TV series D6500, D7000 and D8000, as well as plasma TVs series D8000.

Technology Review Panasonic Viera Connect
Special Correspondent November 1, 2011 News One comment We have not the first time talking about technology Panasonic Viera Connect formerly called Viera Cast. This technology is one embodiment of the concept of Smart TV, which "has adopted" not only the company Panasonic, but also a number of other manufacturers.

Best Samsung TVs in 2013
In recent years, television has ceased to be just a box, broadcasting news, movies, transmission. Now they began to resemble computers, and the pictures coming to life and step over the screen in the room.

Alibaba Group will present the operating system for smart TV
The strategy "smart" technology Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group offers a system by which users can share content for mobile devices, as well as make purchases and pay bills.

Ultra HD TVs: what is it?
development of TV technology is not standing still. TV is about to come on high-resolution format 4K Ultra HD, which will change it beyond recognition.

Enter your personal information is not secure Smart TV
Your TV may have a browser -but you need to think twice before entering personal information. A recent report shows that the devices from leading manufacturers are not safe.

LG BP730
LG has announced a multimedia device BP730, aligning it Blu-ray player with 3D functionality and Smart TV. player has the functions similar to those that have television producer, including the Magic Remote control platform LG Smart TV. Based on dual-core device Cortex-A9 processor with support for Adobe Flash and HTML5, is equipped with an application for Android -and iOS-smartphone as a remote control LG AV Remote.

Classic TV goes faster Internet
Special Correspondent December 5, 2012 Technology One comment Over the Top: TV over the internet Classic TV goes faster internet.

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